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Fill handle: Use Ctrl+D to fill

Uploaded time: September 18, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

Fill handle: Use Ctrl+D to fill

Fill handle: Use Ctrl+D to fill

We sometimes need to deal with tables containing various content. Then we may find it troublesome even to use the fill handle to pull down and fill. Here, we will introduce two convenient methods to you.

The first method is to double-click the fill handle. After filling the first data in column A, double-click the fill handle, then the data will be automatically filled in sequence order. Now we can see the data has been filled automatically in the row range of column B.In the digital mode, the default is Fill Series. We can also change the fill mode to Copy Cells.

The second method is to use the shortcut key Ctrl+D. After entering the first data, press the Ctrl+Shift+Up arrow key in the last row of the table data to select the data area of the column. Now press Ctrl+D, then the data can be copied quickly.

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