The Graffiti function used to mark in PDF

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The Graffiti function used to mark in PDF

The Graffiti function used to mark in PDF

Do you know how to draw on a PDF file? Let's try the Graffiti function! It can make your notes on PDF more fancy.

Open the PDF in WPS Office. Get into the Comment tab, and click Graffiti. In its dropdown list, we can access quick settings of the ink mark, including line colour, opacity, and line width. We can also use the shortcut keys Alt+R to open the settings window.

Supposed that you need to mark continuous content, follow these few steps. Click Draw curve. Then, choose the yellow colour, adjust the opacity to 40%, and set the line width as 8 points.

Then you can mark in the PDF files, drawing on any place of the page.

If you want to draw straight lines, click Line.

If you want to enter comments on the right of the page, double-click Graffiti to pop up the comments dialog. Click the first icon on the bottom-right corner of the comments dialog. Then you can reply to current comments. Besides, you can also click the second icon to access the Change Title,and Hide Title and Time functions.

If you are not satisfied with the marks, you can use the Eraser. Click All to clear all marks.

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