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Use SUM function to quickly calculate the sum

Uploaded time: August 31, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

Use SUM function to quickly calculate the sum

Use SUM function to quickly calculate the sum

The SUM function is commonly used when we process data with WPS Spreadsheet.

Use the SUM function values in certain cells. Take this worksheet as an example. How can we sum the values in the yellow-filled cells? 

1. Click the Insert Function button in the Formula tab.

2. Insert the SUM function from the selection box.

3. We can also click the SUM option in the AutoSum dropdown list in this step. Then, there will be a popup dialog titled Function Arguments, where Number means the range to run the SUM function.

4. Click the Number input box before selecting the cell filled with the value to sum, and adopt the same operation to other cells to run the formula.

5. After that, click OK to get the result.

· Use the SUM function for a certain cell range

If we want to sum the values in Column B, click the AutoSum button in the Home tab. Then select column B, and press Enter to get the result.

If we want to sum the values of Columns B and D, here are the steps. First, select Column B, and insert a comma before selecting Column D. Then click Enter to get the result.

Similarly, if we want to run the SUM function within multiple ranges, we need to insert a comma before selecting a new range to be included. This video could be also used in Microsoft Office Excel and Openoffice. Did you get it? 

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