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How to add annotations to PDF files

Uploaded time: September 27, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

How to add annotations to PDF files

How to add annotations to PDF files

When we read the information of certain PDF documents, sometimes we need to mark some important paragraphs or add corresponding comments to some content. Today I would like to introduce how to add annotations to PDF documents quickly.

Take this PDF document as an example. Click the Comment tab, and click the Note Mode button. At this time, a blank page appears on the right side of the document body.

We select the text that needs to be annotated, click the Highlight drop-down menu, and choose a color we like. At this time, the selected text will be highlighted, and a comment window will pop up on the right. We can enter the notes in the text box.

Click the button in the upper right corner, where we can reply to the notes, delete the notes, hide author and time, unfold all notes and fold all notes.

If we want to change the name of the annotator, we can right-click the comment window, click Properties, and select Regular, where we can enter the changed name and finally click Confirm.

We can also interact in the annotations, for example, to set the status of an annotation. Click Set status, then we can choose the appropriate annotation status.

Click the Comment Management button, and we can manage all annotations. In the left pane, we can filter the criteria to locate the annotations and modify or delete them quickly.

When you click the Note Mode button again, the comment field on the right will be folded and hidden. Now, we can see themodification traces in the document. When the mouse is placed on the text that has been annotated, a corresponding annotation will appear.


When you want to hide all the annotations in the document quickly, you can click the Hide Annotations button. When you want to cancel the hidden annotations, click the Show Annotations button.

What a practical feature! With WPS PDF, you can read, take annotation, compress, convert PDF to jpg, highlight, search, process and edit pdf documents. Did you get it?

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