How to use the read mode of PDF files

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How to use the read mode of PDF files

How to use the read mode of PDF files

Tips: you can turn on the volume by clicking

With WPS PDF, you can read, take annotation, compress, convert PDF to jpg, highlight, search, process&edit pdf documents on both windows, mac pc and android mobiles.

Today, We will learn how to use PDF read mode.

Click the Home tab before clicking the read mode, then the page will automatically hide other irrelevant function buttons, enabling users' immersive reading.


· Bookmarks

When the e-book is too lengthy to read all at once, we can add a Bookmark and name it.

1. Right-click the bookmark to make some general settings.


2. Click the bookmark to quickly locate the corresponding page.

3. You can group bookmarks when managing them. Drag bookmarks directly to the group.


· View

You can choose one page or two page in the View according to your reading habits.


· Rotate

If you encounter an inverted page during reading, you can click Rotate to set it right. 90° Clockwise rotation will only take effect on the current page, Rotate works for the whole document.


· Annotation toolbox

During reading, it is inevitable to mark or add comments to the content. Click Annotation Toolbox,and select marking tools, such as Highlight, Note  and Shapes, to choose from in the right navigation bar.

You can set their styles and colors.

Double-click the arrow symbol, and you can enter text annotations in the annotation window.


· Comment Management.

You can manage the comments you just added in Comment Management. Click any comment, you can jump directly to the corresponding page.


· Note Mode

If the comments inconvenience you for hiding the text content, you can click Note Mode with no need for moving them one by one. In this mode, all the marked annotations will be uniformly placed on the right side without affecting your reading experience.


These functions are perfectly suitable for reading. Come and try it.