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How can we draw a line chart

Uploaded time: August 31, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

How can we draw a line chart

How can we draw a line chart

The line chart is mainly used to show the trends in data and is also one of the most commonly used chart styles at work.

This table shows the number of newly hired employees and the number of employees who resigned from the company from 2000 to 2021. So how can we quickly generate a line chart on this?

1. Select all the data in column B.

2. Click theChart button in the Insert tab,and choose the Lineoption.

In this way, we can get a simple line chart.

If we modify the data in the data source, the chart will also change in real time.

1. Click Select Data in the function area, and the Edit Data Range dialog box will pop up. Then click the Add button.

2. Select the header cell in Series name.

3. Select the needed data source in the Series values box.

In this way, we can add another line to the chart.

If we need to replace the number on the abscissa axis with the corresponding year in the table, follow these steps.

1. Click Select Data.

2. Click the Edit button in the Axis Labels (Category) column.

3. Select the a2:a22 area.

4. Click OK.

Then the dates have been successfully filled in the chart.

Now we find that the year interval is too short, which it is not quite convenient for us to check. Here are the steps to solve this.

1. Double-click the abscissa axisto pop upediting window on the right.

2. Click AXIS, andchooseLabels.

3. Select Specify interval unit.

Here, we can change the interval according to our needs here.

If we want to make the data more intuitive, follow this tutorial.

1. Click Add Chart Element.

2. Select Data Labels and Trendline to make the data trend more obvious.

We can also add other elements according to needs.

Click Quick Layout. There will be 12 element layout methods for users to choose from here.

If we think the line chart is too monotonous, we can also click Chart style. WPS Office provides users with a large variety of presets.

We can perfect the chart with one click and change the color if we want.

We can also adjust many other options by ourselves in the settings then we can to make the chart look more personalized.

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