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How to create a K-line chart of stock data

Uploaded time: February 16, 2022 Difficulty Beginner

How to create a K-line chart of stock data

How to create a K-line chart of stock data

The K-line chart also called the candlestick chart, consists of four elements: close price, open price, high price, and low price, mainly used to display stock, futures, and other transaction data in the financial field.

Take this AMZN Stock as an example. Here is the stock data within a month, and we need to create a K-line chart with this data.

1. Select the cell range A2:E24, which contains the four elements: close price, open price, high price, and low price. If you select more cells or fewer cells, an error box will pop up to prompt you.

2. Then we click the Insert tab, click the Stock drop-down button, and select Open-High-Low-Close to create a K-line chart of AMZN stock in one month.

This, however, is still not what we want, and we need to modify some values in this chart.

1. Double-click the y-axis of the chart to pop up a pane on the right, click AXIS, and in the AXIS OPTIONS area, change the value at Minimum to 2600 to narrow down the range of ordinate values. By doing so, the K-line will look more clear.

2. Elongate the chart, and we can see that the stock closing days are also displayed.

3. Now we double-click the x-axis and select Text axis in the Axis Type.Then the date of the horizontal axis will be displayed based on the table data.

Having modified the values of the x-axis, we also need to beautify the K-line chart.

1. Select the black body in the K-line chart, click the FILL&LINE button, and select red at Colorto represent the stock declines.

2. Then select the white body and select green at Color to represent the stock gains.

3. Click the background of the whole chart to change a dark color, and we select dark grey at Color.

Now the text, upper shadows, and lower shadows are not clear against the dark background, so we need to change their color to white.

4. Select the text to change, click the Text Tools tab, and choose white at Text Fill.

5. Similarly, we change the color of all text to white.

6. Select the upper and lower shadows in the chart and choose white at Color.

7. If we want to delete the lines in the chart, click the lines and select No Line in the Line area.

8. Lastly, we add the title to this K-line chart and place it  in a suitable position.

These are the steps to make a K-line chart of stock data. Did you get it?

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