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Create an animating number counters in a slide show

September 28, 2021

When preparing for a presentation, sometimes Animating Number Counters could make the data seen more clearly. The effect is shown below.

Effect preview: Dynamic Numbers of animations

How can we add dynamic numbers of animations in PPT. or PPTX. files?

1. Use the mouse choosing a text box with the number

2. Get into the Animation tab → click the Custom Animation button → the Add Effect button → choose Dynamic Number

Create an animating number counters in a slide show (2).gif

Steps of adding an animating number counter in a slide

We can also set the dynamic number animation for multiple objects at the same time.

Long-press Ctrl on the keyboard, while using the mouse to select the text boxes filled with numbers.

Then, add the Dynamic Number effect for the selected objects.

Steps of adding multiple animating number counter in one time

To make the three number counters trigger one by one. Follow the following steps.

1. Press Ctrl and select the corresponding terms of effects in the Custom Animation window.

2. Right-click on the terms, and choose Start after previous.

3. Press the Play button to preview the animation effect.

Steps of making three number counters trigger one by one

If we want the three number counters to start at the same time when the corresponding slide is presented, here are the steps to realize it.

1. Select all the terms (excluding the first one).

2. Right-click and choose Start with previous.

3. Click Play to view the dynamic numbers of animations.

Steps of trigger all number counters at the same time in slides show

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