Best Slide Deck Creating: How to, Tips and FAQ

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Making a presentation can be difficult, especially if you want it to be memorable. An expert and interesting slide deck requires time and work to produce. But don't worry! You can use the advice in this article to create the perfect slide deck. Additionally, we'll introduce you to some of the best slide deck templates on the market so you can focus on your content and save time.

What is a Slide Deck?

Slides made with presentation software like PowerPoint or Google Slides make up a slide deck. Text, photos, and other multimedia are typically used in the slides to visually complement a presenter's content. Slide shows are frequently used in corporate meetings, academic lectures, and other presentations where it is important to effectively convey information to an audience. A slide deck's purpose is to give the speaker a clear, concise visual assistance that supports their message and draws the audience in.

Difference Between Slide Deck & PowerPoint

Although they are closely related, a slide deck and PowerPoint are not the same thing.

A presentation made with presentation software, such as Google Slides, Keynote, or PowerPoint, is known as a slide deck. It often consists of a number of slides that engage audiences by visually presenting information.

Microsoft's PowerPoint, on the other hand, is a piece of software that lets users construct slide shows. One of the most well-liked and often employed presentation software tools worldwide. In order to create slide decks with a professional appearance, PowerPoint provides a wide range of features and capabilities.

In conclusion, a slide deck is a type of presentation that can be made with a variety of presentation software tools, and PowerPoint is one such program that makes it possible to make slide decks.

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Essential Elements of a Good Slide Deck

In the world of startups, a slide deck plays a crucial role as it is the tool that captures the attention of investors and secures funding. Therefore, it is vital to include information that is crucial for investors. The slide deck also acts as a guide for the presenter, so the information must be well-organized and in harmony. The essential elements that a slide deck must include are:

  • Value Proposition: This slide should contain a brief and clear explanation of what the company does and the value it brings. It should be simple and easy to understand, just like a tweet.

  • Problem: The slide should clearly and concisely explain the problem that the startup aims to solve, making it appealing to the investors. Graphics and charts can help to explain the problem effectively.

  • Solution: This slide is critical because it explains how the startup plans to solve the problem. It should be clear, easy to understand, and attractive to the investors.

  • Strategy: A clear strategy that outlines the company's plan for the future is vital. This slide can include sales strategy, financial models, roadmap, traction, and validation. The presenter should also be transparent about the challenges that the company might face.

  • Who You Are: This slide should include information about the team, including their skills and experience. It should also cover the competition and the company's position in the market. Finally, it is essential to share the values that drive the founders.

Creating a slide deck can be a daunting task, but it is crucial to get it right. The slides mentioned above are only some of the many that can be included. Seeking guidance from professionals can help presenters to create an effective slide deck.

How to Make a Slide Deck?

Creating a slide deck is an essential part of delivering a compelling presentation. While there are many tools available for creating slide decks, two of the most popular options are Microsoft PowerPoint and WPS Office Presentation. In this article, we will discuss the steps for creating a slide deck in both of these programs.

Making a Slide Deck Steps by Steps by Yourself - Using Microsoft PowerPoint & WPS Office Presentation

Creating a Slide Deck in Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most widely used presentation software programs globally. Here are the steps for creating a slide deck in Microsoft PowerPoint:

1. Open PowerPoint and choose a theme for your slide deck.

2. Add new slides to your presentation using the "New Slide" option.

3. Customize each slide by adding text, images, charts, and other media.

4. Rearrange your slides by dragging and dropping them into the order you prefer.

5. Preview your slide deck to ensure everything looks and works as intended.

6. Save your slide deck and export it in a compatible file format for sharing.

Creating a Slide Deck in WPS Office Presentation

WPS Office Presentation is an alternative software to Microsoft PowerPoint that allows you to make engaging slide decks. Here are the steps to follow when creating a slide deck using WPS Office Presentation:

1. Open WPS Office Presentation and create a new presentation.

2. Choose a blank slide and add a title for your presentation.

3. Add new slides to your presentation using the "Insert Slide" option.

4. Customize each slide by adding text, images, charts, and other media.

5. Rearrange your slides by dragging and dropping them into the order you prefer.

6. Choose an appropriate font style and size for your text, and make sure it's consistent throughout the presentation.

7. Use colors that complement each other and help to emphasize your message.

8. Keep your slides simple and uncluttered, with a single idea per slide.

9. Preview your slide deck to ensure everything looks and works as intended.

10. Save your slide deck and export it in a compatible file format for sharing.

Pros and Cons of Making a Slide Deck Steps by Steps by Yourself


You can personalize your presentation with your ideas and preferences.


can be time-consuming and may require some trial and error to achieve the desired outcome.

Making a Slide Deck with Templates - WPS Office

Create a stunning slide deck effortlessly with WPS Office Presentation. Utilize the vast selection of high-quality templates available on WPS Template Store and choose the one that suits your presentation needs. With WPS Office Presentation, you can customize your selected template easily to match your preferences. This user-friendly presentation tool is equipped with all the essential features to make your presentation look professional and engaging. Whether you're a novice or an experienced presenter, WPS Office Presentation makes it easy to create a visually stunning slide deck.

WPS Office Presentation and WPS Template Store

WPS Office Presentation is a free and full-featured presentation tool that allows you to create high-quality slideshows with ease. With a user-friendly interface, you can add text, images, charts, and other media to your slides. Plus, you can access a variety of presentation themes to give your deck a professional look.

On the other hand, the WPS Template Store provides a wide selection of free templates for various purposes, including presentations, resumes, and flyers. The templates are easy to download and edit, making it effortless to create stunning presentations that stand out. Whether you need a simple or complex design, the WPS Template Store has got you covered.


  • Free to use

  • Easy to find and edit high-quality templates

  • The templates are visually appealing and well-designed, saving time and effort

  • Provides a variety of templates for different industries and purposes, catering to various needs and preferences

  • Accessible online, allowing users to browse and download templates from anywhere with an internet connection.

How to create a slide deck using a template?


1. Go to the WPS Template Store and browse through the available templates.

2. Choose a template that suits your needs and download it to your computer.

3. Open WPS Office Presentation and click on "File" in the top left corner.

4. Select "New" from the drop-down menu and choose "New from Other Templates"

5. In the " Templates" window, click on "Import templates"

6. Select the template that you downloaded from WPS Template Store. Then click "Open."

7. The selected template will appear as a new slide deck in WPS Office Presentation. The slide deck will include pre-designed slides with various placeholders for text, images, and other multimedia elements.

8. Customize the slide deck by adding your own content to each slide. Click on the text placeholders to add your own text, and drag and drop images or other media files onto the slide to replace the placeholder images.

9. Rearrange the slides as needed by dragging and dropping them into the desired order.

10. Preview the slide deck to ensure everything looks and works as intended. Click on "Slide Show" in the top menu bar and select "From Beginning" to start the slideshow.

11. Save your slide deck and export it in a compatible file format for sharing. Click on "File" in the top left corner and select "Save As." Choose the desired file format and location, and click "Save."

Some Other Templates for Slide Deck Making

It's great to know that there are many options for slide deck templates. In addition to WPS Template Store, there are other websites where you can find beautifully designed templates for your presentations. Some of them are:

By using these templates, you can save time and effort while still creating a professional-looking slide deck for your next presentation.


Creating a great slide deck can be a challenging task, but with the right approach and tips, you can create a captivating and effective presentation. Here are 5 useful tips for creating a great slide deck:

  • Focus on the Idea

  • Embrace Simplicity

  • Use Powerful but Concise Language

  • Include Captivating Visuals

  • Call your Audience to Action


What is a business slide deck?

A business slide deck, also known as a pitch deck or start-up deck, is a presentation that gives a concise but informative overview of your business. It should cover the key aspects of your business plan, your products and services, high-level financial projections, and funding requirements.

What not to do with a slide deck?

When creating a slide deck, you should avoid making it longer than 20 slides, as investors are unlikely to read longer presentations. It is also important to include images and graphs to convey emotions and information in a clear manner. Small font, especially on charts, should be avoided. Similarly, using odd colors or fonts should be avoided. Finally, it is recommended not to include excessive amounts of text and to ensure the overall design of the deck is aesthetically pleasing.

Final Thoughts on Best Slide Deck Creating

In summary, when it comes to creating impressive slide decks, WPS Office Presentation is a top contender. Its user-friendly interface and diverse range of features make it easy for users to design professional-looking presentations with minimal effort. The WPS Template Store offers a vast selection of pre-made templates that users can leverage to save time and streamline the creation process.

While other alternatives, such as Visme and, provide similar features and template options, WPS Office Presentation and the WPS Template Store are reliable choices for creating compelling and effective slide decks. Ultimately, choosing the best slide deck creator comes down to personal preference and specific needs, but WPS Office Presentation remains a popular choice among users for its ease of use and vast template selection.

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