10 Best PPT Pitch Deck Templates Free Download 2024

January 16, 2024 3.4K views

For the presenter to convince the audience of their point of view, PPT templates use in every presentation. PPT templates are such a great tool that it helps you to maintain your business, events, and everything. You can utilize PPT templates for managing your tasks and making your business high. These templates are unique for making office tasks easy. To draw in more business, use the marketing plan PPT template. You are at the right place for those looking for the best ten-pitch deck PPT template. Here you will get your favorite pitch deck ppt templates with photos and links.

Part 1: 10 Free Pitch Deck Presentation Templates

1. Clean Pitch Deck Presentation Template

This pitch deck PPT template creates beautifully to make presentations clear. You can download this template free from the WPS office. It makes the slides more professional.

2. Simple Business Report PPT Template

A clear business report using this pitch deck template makes the slides more professional. It is available for free download. You can get this template.

3. Summary Report in Creative Years PPT Template

Summary report using this pitch deck template makes the slides more professional. It is downloadable for free. This template is available. It uses gorgeous creations to draw in users.

4. Summary of Business Fashion Work PPT Template

Using this pitch deck template, a summary of business fashion work makes the slides more professional. It is downloadable for free. This template is available. It uses gorgeous creations to draw in users.

5. Colorful Universal Company Profile PPT Template

For making a colorful universal company profile, this pitch deck template is available. You can get this template for free now.

6. Colorful Business General Presentation Template

This pitch deck template is available for making a colorful general business presentation. You can get this template for free now.

7. Colorful Business Album PPT Template

This colorful business album PPT template will help you to make your presentation more attractive. This pitch deck PPT template is created with beautiful colors to attract clients. It is available for online use, and you can download it for free also.

8.  Modern Dark Business Plan PPT Template

With the aid of dark, vibrant colors from this contemporary pitch deck PPT template, you may enhance the appeal of your presentation. Beautiful colors are used in creating this PPT template to draw in customers. You may use it online and download it for nothing as well.

9. Fashion Simple Business Plan Report PPT Template

The pitch deck PPT template formula is used in the simple business plan report. Using this template, you may produce a contemporary PPT. It can be downloaded for free and used online.

10. Black and Yellow Business Plan PPT Template

A Black and yellow Business Plan is available for making professional slides for business. You can create the best slides by utilizing this pitch deck PPT template. It is designed with vivid black and cheerful yellow color.

Part 2: What to Include in the Pitch Deck Presentation

A pitch deck presentation is a concise and compelling way to introduce your business or startup to potential investors, partners, or stakeholders. It typically includes the following key sections:

  • Introduction: Start with an attention-grabbing opening, introducing your business and its purpose.

  • Problem: Clearly state the problem and its impact on the target market, supported by data and examples.

  • Solution: Present your unique solution, highlighting its benefits and key features.

  • Market Size and Opportunity: Provide an overview of the market potential, backed by research and data.

  • Product: Describe your product or service in detail, showcasing its unique features and advantages.

  • Traction: Highlight significant achievements or milestones, demonstrating market interest.

  • Team: Introduce key team members, emphasizing their expertise and credibility.

  • Competition: Analyze competitors, highlighting your unique selling points.

  • Financials: Present key financial information, including projections and revenue streams.

  • Investment and Use of Funds: State the funding amount sought and its planned allocation for growth.

Conclude your pitch deck with a compelling call to action, inviting investors to ask questions or schedule a follow-up meeting. Remember to keep the presentation concise, visually appealing, and focused on key points. Practice your delivery to ensure a confident and impactful presentation.

Part 3: How to Customize Pitch Deck Slide?

You may be interested in knowing how to create your pitch deck slide now that you have seen samples of pitch deck presentation templates for PowerPoint and know what should be included in the Pitch Deck Presentation. WPS Office is a free office suite that allows you to edit and design PowerPoint presentations.

Step 1: Download and install WPS Office

Step 2: Open your own template or you can choose a template from Wps Office

Find your needed template

Find your needed template

Step 3: Customize your date

Customize your data

Customize your data

You may edit anything to match your content requirements.

Step 4: Save your template

Click Menu> Save as > Choose file format and location

Save your edited template

Save your edited template

When you're through creating your perfect pitch deck, you may save it to your computer.

Remember to save your progress frequently to avoid losing any changes. Take your time to ensure that each slide is visually appealing, effectively communicates your message, and aligns with your branding.

Part 4: Tips about Pitch Deck Presentation Editing

  • Be concise: Keep your content clear and succinct, focusing on the most important points.

  • Use a cohesive color palette: Choose colors that complement your brand and create visual harmony throughout your presentation.

  • Structure your deck: Organize your slides in a logical order, guiding the audience through your story from introduction to call to action.

  • Utilize infographics: Visualize data and complex concepts using simple and engaging infographics to enhance understanding.

  • End with a strong call to action: Clearly state what action you want your audience to take, providing a clear next step for engagement.

Implementing these design tips will help you create a compelling and visually appealing PowerPoint pitch deck that effectively communicates your message and engages your audience.


What is the difference between a pitch deck and a business plan?

A pitch deck is a condensed presentation used to pitch a business idea, focusing on key elements such as problem, solution, market, product, and team. It is typically used to secure funding or attract stakeholders.

A business plan, on the other hand, is a detailed document that provides an in-depth analysis of a business, covering aspects like market research, operational strategies, financial projections, and more. It serves as a comprehensive roadmap for the business and is often used for internal planning, fundraising, and long-term business management.

Q2: How do you layout a pitch deck?

Here are 9 tips for designing a presentation for your startup:

  • Simplify your brand

  • Use charts to highlight numbers

  • Simplify text with icons

  • Compare competitors with an XY graph

  • Break down information with tiled layouts

  • Chart milestones on a timeline

  • Represent market trends with a word cloud

  • Showcase the team with professional photographs

  • Differentiate sections with compelling images


Finally, the post identified ten of the greatest PPT pitch deck templates that are free to download in 2023. These pitch deck templates are intended to help presenters create professional and aesthetically appealing pitch deck presentations. Each template has its own distinct features and designs that appeal to a variety of company demands and preferences.

Overall, the article showcased the importance of a well-designed pitch deck and the value of utilizing free PPT templates, particularly with the user-friendly features of WPS Office. Whether you're an entrepreneur, startup founder, or business professional, these templates and editing tips can help you create impactful presentations that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

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