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Are you looking to make a professional and powerful presentation? This article's 2022 Free PPT Templates options will help in all your fields!


Are you looking for the best Free PPT Templates that PowerPoint offers? If you did a quick search on Google, you might have been left feeling overwhelmed by all of your options but with insufficient time to investigate each one individually. Fortunately, this guide will assist you in locating the appropriate template to meet every one of your requirements.

To ensure that there is something suitable for everyone, we have compiled a large number of presentation layouts that are appropriate for personal and professional use. With the help of our guide, you'll be able to skim through each area at record speed, selecting only the items pertinent to your current situation.

What are PPT Templates?

When constructing a PowerPoint presentation, you can utilize a PowerPoint template, one or more slides with layouts, fonts, colors, and themes selected for you. These PowerPoint templates can serve as a foundation or starting point for your presentation. You may think of it as a ready-made PowerPoint file that already has blanks for you to fill in and is simply waiting for your information to be copied and pasted onto it.

A quality PowerPoint template will provide you with a wonderful selection of layouts from which to choose, as well as some color schemes that are sure to grab people's attention. It would also have some well-placed placeholders for you to add text, images, videos, charts, or tables into. These placeholders would be ready for you to use.

How to Create an Outline For Your Template?

Before you can begin to make your template, you need to draw and outline first by answering the questions that are listed below:

Who is going to be making use of the template and updating it?

Is it for one's use only? Will it be edited by persons who are experienced with PowerPoint? If people who are not tech-savvy or short on time are going to be using it, then you need to make your template as simple and straightforward as possible. Imagine a simple drag-and-drop interface.

For what purpose is the template being used?

Are they for presentations at school, business, or church? Perhaps even for a PechaKucha? Is it for a presentation in front of a board of directors, a status report on a project, a case study, or something else entirely?

If you are aware of the template's purpose, you will be able to create the slides that comprise the template appropriately. A template for a corporation is going to be designed differently than a template for an educational institution.

How will the template or slides be presented?

Will a projector be used to display the slides during the presentation? If such is the case, what is the solution? Or perhaps it would be broadcast live via a webinar or a television screen.

It can seem like you're overthinking things. Still, this knowledge is very important since using the incorrect slide sizes can wreck your presentation, regardless of how well the slides were planned. This is true even if the slides were perfectly developed.

If you haven't figured out the answer to the question, one option for your template is to create slides of varying widths. Use the most common resolutions, such as 16:9, 16:10, 4:3, or whatever other typical resolutions are utilized in your organization.

If you have the information necessary to answer these questions, you can create a template tailored to a certain function. The more narrowly focused your mission is, your template will be more useful.

If you want to make a template for company presentations, for instance, and the presentation will be used in company meetings or events, you may include the company logo and some slides that contain information about the firm, among other things, in the template that you create. For the objective of branding, another option is to use the company's colors rather than selecting a color scheme randomly.

If you intend to make a template for sales pitch decks to be used by a startup, you might want to build a template that includes the following slides:

· A title slide

· A simple informational slide

· Our crew slide

· Portfolio slide

· Timeline slide

· Revenue slide

· SWOT slide

· Slide with a call to action

When preparing presentations for school, you might find it helpful to create a template that includes the name and logo of your institution, your name, your professor's name, and other pertinent information. You could also include any shapes, icons, or images that you intend to include in your slides.

If you like, you can add some pizzazz to your presentation by placing a picture of your school's mascot on one of the layout slides.

How to Use PPT Templates in WPS Office?

Do you wish to develop a presentation but are unsure how to start? Or perhaps there is room for improvement in the presentation that you have? Utilizing a ppt template can be beneficial in any scenario. In this post, we will demonstrate how to use the PowerPoint template available in WPS Office. In addition to that, we will offer some advice on how to create presentations effectively.

You can make your presentation by using a slide that has already been prepared and saving it as a.ppt template. You may produce a polished and expert-looking presentation while cutting down on the amount of time it takes to put it together by using a pre-made PowerPoint template.

Don't worry if you don't know how to use the ppt template in the WPS office — that's quite normal. Below we will demonstrate how to do that.

Step 1: Launch the Windows Presentation Software (WPS), and then navigate to the blank presentation where you intend to use the ppt template.

Step 2: After opening the empty presentation, navigate to the design option at this time.

Step 3: Once you have navigated to the design, the available templates will be displayed just below the design option. All you have to do is click on the options window, and the currently available templates will be displayed. Click on the template of your choice to use it.

Step 4: When you click on the presentation template you wish to use, the blank presentation will automatically be formatted according to the template.

The Following Are the Most Fundamental Terms:

1. Templates

When building your PowerPoint presentation, you can use them as a foundation or beginning point. Typically, they consist of slides with established layouts, color schemes, fonts, and other elements. When you work off a template, you save time compared to when you create your designs.

It is possible to create templates in one of three ways: 

(1) from scratch by altering the master slide and layouts; 

(2) by copying and pasting slides from an existing PowerPoint presentation; 

(3) by downloading files from a variety of internet sources, such as Office Templates.

2. Themes

You can develop your unique theme by modifying the master slide(s) and its layouts, which is how the themes function. This is quite similar to how templates work. Navigate to the design> Themes menu item to access the pre-installed themes.

Themes can be utilized in several Microsoft Office applications, including PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Outlook, to produce consistent designs. When a singular theme is used for multiple linked Office documents, the overall appearance is elevated to one that is more polished and professional.

3. Slide Master

This is the master slide, which, as its name suggests, is the slide that governs the rest of the slides in the presentation. Whatever components you decide to include in your slide master will be carried over to all of the layout slides that follow. For instance, if you put a logo in your master slide, all your layout slides will have the same logo. This is because all of your slides come from the same source.

To make changes to your slide master, select View > Slide Master from the menu bar. The slide master is the first slide to display on the left side of the screen. It is also the largest of the slides.

4. Layouts

The layouts refer to the slide master layouts in their simplest form. There will be one master slide for each topic and multiple linked layouts. You are free to add as many different layouts as you like. You can change your layouts by selecting View > Slide Master from the menu bar.

PowerPoint design ideas

Invest extra time in PowerPoint design for a quality presentation. Here are seven strategies and design ideas for creating a great PowerPoint presentation.

1. Understand PowerPoint

Learn your way around PowerPoint, as this is the first and most essential piece of advice. After all, the quality of your PowerPoint designs will directly correlate to the amount of knowledge you have regarding the software.

2. Illustrate PowerPoint design ideas with graphs and charts

If your presentation has a lot of data, use charts and graphs. They'll make your presentation easier to visualize and more fascinating.

3. Personalize PowerPoint templates

Customize your PowerPoint template once you've discovered it. This maintains brand consistency and strengthens brand image.

4. Add animation to PowerPoint

Animations are another presentation design notion. Between slides, animations can add visual interest. Use them to introduce new ideas or sections.

5. Create engaging presentation copy

Your PowerPoint text must be as intriguing as the design. The copy should be concise and convincing to assist you in selling your idea. Clear words, benefits, and facts End with a call to action.

6. Special Purpose Template

PowerPoint templates are available for any occasion. These PowerPoint templates are versatile. We call these special purpose templates. These tools have extensive libraries to help you find design presentation template ideas.

7. Apply SmartArt for visualizations

Visualizations mix information with graphics You can create adaptable graphics with PowerPoint's SmartArt tool. Consider them PowerPoint visual tools.

[Recommendation] Top Free PPT WPS Templates for You!

We appreciate your time and effort and assume that PowerPoint is a regular part of your work. We've compiled dozens of free PowerPoint templates that can help you impress your audience with less work and maximum style.

Whether you're pitching investors, presenting ideas to coworkers, or selling to a specific demographic, a well-designed template may help you make a good impression. Let's have a peek at our top choices:

1. Simple Warm Color Presentations

Don't let the thought of making slides with a professional look and feel scare you off, especially not when you can use one of the fantastic templates provided by Simple Warm Color Presentation. They are currently popular due to the trend of using their free templates and layouts in huge formats.

2. Product Release Conference

Use this done-for-you and incredibly professional-looking template instead of spending hours trying to write a business plan from scratch rather than wasting your time with this option.

3. IOS Style Annual Summary Report

Do you need an update on the current status of your annual sales? This annual summary report template may be used to provide you with a rapid overview, and the monthly overview can provide you with a more in-depth image.

4. Business Marketing Plan Timeline

Business Marketing Plan Timeline ppt provides business templates for PowerPoint that are simple to customize and cover themes such as marketing, strategy, and other related subjects. They are all characterized by a sleek and fashionable appearance. However, users are limited to a certain number of daily downloads for these designs.

5. Education Strategy Plan

This free flat stationery-themed PowerPoint template will grab your audience's attention, whether you're a teacher or a parent. This is a student-friendly template. This template indicates you cared about your homework and presentation's appearance.


Learning PowerPoint begins with its design templates. Improving your self-assurance is a sure bet when you know how to make a PowerPoint presentation. That's a sign that you're an accomplished speaker.

Download WPS and enjoy the Free PPT Templates that contain all the right options, such as an organized layout for the presentation's information, up-to-date color palettes, special artistic touches, and legible fonts.

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