Top 5 AI-related PPT Template Websites [Free Download]

August 24, 2023 1.3K views

Need a compelling PowerPoint presentation for a project you're working on including artificial intelligence? It can be difficult to locate the ideal template. In this article, we'll guide you through the sea of alternatives and give you links to five excellent resources where you can get free PPT templates connected to artificial intelligence.

Part 1: WPS Template

WPS Template

WPS Template is a mature and systematic word/ppt/excel template store with an extensive collection of free templates, including AI templates. Here are the advantages of using WPS Template:

  • Large variety of free templates: WPS Template offers a wide range of AI templates to suit different presentation needs.

  • Convenient operation: You can edit the templates directly on the website or download them first and edit them using your preferred software.

  • High definition downloads: The templates are available in high definition, ensuring excellent visual quality for your presentations.

Highlighted AI PPT Template:

Global Intelligent Business Conference

One recommended template from WPS Template is the "Global Intelligent Business Conference" template. This template features a modern design and is ideal for conferences or business events related to AI. Here's how to use it:

Step 1: Visit the template link

Step 2: Download the template to your device.

Download template

Step 3: Open the downloaded file using PowerPoint or any compatible software.

Step 4: Customize the content and design elements to suit your presentation needs.

Step 5: Save the edited presentation and use it for your AI-related business conference.

Additionally, WPS Template offers various other types of templates. Feel free to explore and download them based on your requirements.



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Part 2: Slidego

Slidego website

Slidego is another excellent resource for AI-related PowerPoint templates. Here's what makes Slidego a great choice:

  • High-quality templates: Slidego offers visually appealing and professionally designed AI templates to make your presentations stand out.

  • Diverse selection: With a range of AI-related themes and styles, Slidego provides templates suitable for different topics and purposes.

Highlighted AI PPT Template: One notable template from Slidego is the "German Artificial Intelligence Company" theme. This template is ideal for showcasing an AI startup or business plan. Follow these steps to use it effectively:

German Artificial Intelligence Company

Step 1: Click on the given template link.

Step 2: Analyze the template's information.

Step 3: To create a copy for yourself, click the "Use this presentation template" button.

Step 4: Edit the slides by adding your own text, photos, and information.

Step 5: Export the edited presentation as a PDF or download it as a PowerPoint file.

Download this template

Part 3: SlideDocs

SlideDocs website

SlideDocs is a valuable resource for AI PowerPoint templates. Here's why SlideDocs is worth considering:

  • User-friendly platform: SlideDocs offers a simple-to-use platform for accessing templates connected to AI.

  • Vast template collection: SlideDocs has a huge selection of AI templates to meet all your presentation needs.

Highlighted AI PPT Template: One recommended template from SlideDocs is the "Artificial Intelligence Conference & Intelligent Smart Product Launch" PowerPoint template. This template is perfect for conferences or product launches related to AI. Here's how to use it:

Step 1: Visit the template link provided.

PowerPoint template

Step 2: Explore the template and its features.

Step 3: Click on the "Download" button to save the template to your device.

Download PowerPoint template

Step 4: Open the downloaded file in PowerPoint or any compatible software.

Step 5: Customize the content, colors, and visuals according to your presentation requirements.

Step 6: Save and use the presentation for your AI conference or smart product launch.

Part 4: How to Choose The Right Template for You?

Consider the following while selecting the ideal template for your AI presentation:

  • Choose your theme: Decide on the major theme and point you want to make in your presentation.

  • Visualize your design: Consider the layout and organization you want for your presentations.

  • Consider design elements: Search for templates that adhere to the minimalist or futuristic design aesthetic that you are going for.

  • Be sure the template has placeholders and layouts that are appropriate for the type of material you wish to present.


Q1: Can AI Make a PowerPoint Presentation?

Yes, AI tools can assist in generating PowerPoint presentations. Two recommended AI-powered tools for creating PPTs are Tome (Link: and (Link: Follow the links to explore these tools and their features.

Q2: Is AI Generator Free?

PowerPoint presentations can be made using the free AI generator WPS AI (Link: . Your slides can be improved with auto-improvements and design suggestions using its AI capabilities.


This post serves as a resource for free PowerPoint templates with an AI theme. The top 5 websites are highlighted, with a focus on WPS Office because it provides a large selection of templates and easy customizing tools. The usage of AI tools for creating PowerPoint presentations is also covered in the article. Its overall goal is to provide readers with the templates and AI support they need to improve their AI presentations.

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