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A reference letter plays a crucial role in shaping a successful future. It serves as a testament to your credibility and can greatly influence the decision of a company or university. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your reference letter is strong and impactful. Fortunately, there are numerous reference template PDFs available online, which can be a lifesaver when you're pressed for time and need a reference letter promptly. In this article, we will explore the top 3 websites where you can find such templates and streamline the process of obtaining a reference letter.

Professional References Template Downloadable

1. encompasses a raft of free reference template pdf, catering to a myriad of industries and professions, hence providing a one-stop destination for professionals in search of well-structured templates.

Browse through a wide selection of reference letter templates at to discover the one that perfectly aligns with your needs.


  • Intuitive interface for hassle-free template exploration and downloading.

  • Broad spectrum of templates for diverse reference list requirements.


  • Pop-up advertisements might disrupt the browsing flow.

  • Access to certain advanced features necessitates a subscription of $2/month.

2. TemplateLAB

TemplateLAB marks its reputation with its ever-fresh reference list templates. Their offerings are neatly categorized, simplifying the hunt for the exact reference template you require.

Take a look at the assortment of reference letter templates available at TemplateLab and choose the one that suits you best.


  • Periodic updates ensure access to the newest reference templates.

  • Systematic arrangement of templates for effortless navigation and template selection.


  • Pop-up advertisements might pop up while browsing.

3. Sample Templates

Sample Templates is a dependable hub that offers a vast collection of high-quality professional reference templates PDF. Whether you need a reference letter, reference sheet, or reference list, SampleTemplates has you covered. Their comprehensive selection ensures that you'll find the perfect template to meet your professional needs. Browse, download, and customize with ease to create impressive and well-structured references for any job application or professional setting.

Delve into an array of reference letter templates available at Sample Templates, meticulously examining each one to uncover the perfect match tailored to your unique specifications.


  • Vast assortment of reference list templates.

  • Zero-cost downloading and usage of all templates.


  • The website may offer limited online services.

Some free templates available online:

1. Credit Reference List template

This template is a document designed to help individuals or businesses maintain a comprehensive list of credit references. The highlighted heading in bright turquoise color adds a vibrant and eye-catching element to the template. The ends of the heading, folded to display green and black colors, create a stylish and modern look, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the document. The use of bright and contrasting colors might make the template visually appealing and easy to locate when organizing credit-related information.

2. Personal Reference Template

It is a straightforward and minimalistic template designed for providing personal references. It is characterized by its simplicity and basic font, making it easy to read and understand. The clean design and basic font choice ensure that the focus remains on the content and the credibility of the reference provided.

3. APA Style Reference List Template

The template is a straightforward and user-friendly template designed to help users create a properly formatted reference list following the guidelines of the American Psychological Association (APA) style. The template features a clean and basic font for readability and simplicity.

How to Edit Your Reference Template?

WPS Office is an advanced Office suite with tools for document manipulation, generation, and organization. It offers an easy-to-navigate interface and extensive functionalities, making it a superior option for modifying reference templates and also allows users to directly print their Reference Template PDF, a one-stop solution for your PDF needs. Users can customize design, update information, or incorporate their unique flair.

Wondering how to use WPS Office to edit your reference templates? Take a look at the steps below and edit reference templates with ease:

Step 1: Launch WPS Office on your system. You can simply download and install WPS Office by clicking here

Step 2: Browse and open the reference template PDF.

Step 3: Head over to the ribbon menu and select “Edit”. Using a range of tools such as Add Text, Add Picture and other features, users can edit their reference template PDF with ease

Step 4: Users can also fill and sign their PDF within the WPS Office. Simply select “Fill & Sign” on the ribbon menu.

Step 5: Once you’re done editing and ready to share your personalized reference list with others, you can simply share your Template with others or create a hardcopy for yourself by printing the PDF. To print your reference list, head over to the file menu located at the top left of the screen

Step 6: Click on “Print” to get a hardcopy of your Reference List



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How to Create a Reference Template ?

  • Identify Necessary Information: Decide what crucial details your reference list must include, like the referee's name, occupation, company, contact details, and the nature of your relationship.

  • Decide on a Layout: Choose a readable, professional layout. It could be traditional or creative but must be clear to read.

  • Use Template Resources: Utilize online template resources, like WPS templates, to expedite the process. Select a template that aligns with your chosen layout.

  • Edit the Template: Open your selected template in an application like WPS Office, that provides you with advanced editing features.

  • Include a placeholder format: create a placeholder for a date, address block, and salutation at the top of your formatting, as well as a business closing, e-signature, printed name, and job title.

  • Review and Finalize: Proofread the template to get rid of errors. Check for accuracy and make necessary design tweaks.

  • Save for Future Use: Save your reference template as a PDF for consistent formatting, easy future modifications and quick generation of new reference letters.


Q1. How do you write References in APA Style?

Writing references in APA style follows specific guidelines to ensure accurate and consistent formatting. However, here is a list of key factors that need to considered while writing references in APA Style::

  • Start with a new page

  • Formatting

  • Order of entries

  • Author names

  • Publication year

  • Title of the work

  • Journal articles

  • Books

  • Online sources

  • Page numbers

Q2. How do I keep references on one page in word?

To edit the References section in Word, follow these steps:

  • Modify paragraph spacing

  • Adjust line spacing

  • Adjust page margins

  • Adjust font size and style

  • Check for extra spaces

  • Adjust spacing between references manually

  • Preview and make adjustments by using the "Print Preview" option

Q3. What should not be included in a reference?

When creating a reference, it's important to provide relevant and accurate information while avoiding unnecessary details or inappropriate content.

Elevate Your Chances Of Recruitment With Free Professional  References Templates

A reference letter serves as a powerful tool in providing an endorsement for an individual's skills, qualifications, and character. While it can be crafted using a simple formatting and a blank piece of paper, utilizing a template can streamline the process and enhance the overall quality of the letter. In this article, we explored the benefits of using a reference letter template, as well as various reliable sources where you can find customizable templates for free.

One excellent resource for reference letter templates is WPS, which offers a template store on their website. By accessing this platform, you not only gain access to a wide range of professionally designed templates, but with its comprehensive office suite, users can also edit, convert, print and share the reference list. Venture into the world of WPS Office and discover the reference letter template that will land you towards your successful destiny!

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