Top 5 Best AI PPT Template Makers - Free Download

March 7, 2024 7.5K views

For academic or business purposes, utilizing AI PPT templates can save you valuable time when creating presentations. However, finding AI PPT templates available for free download can be challenging. In this article, we provide you with the download channels for five free AI PPT templates. Discover these tools and obtain professional-looking AI PPT templates at no cost.

1. Tome

Tome website

Tome is a powerful AI generator that creates complete presentations in seconds. It saves you time by automating the process and allows you to customize your slides. With Tome, creating professional presentations has never been easier

Main feature

  • Rapid presentation generation

  • AI algorithms for analysis and generation

  • Customization options for personalized presentations

  • Time-saving solution

  • User-friendly interface

How it works:

  1. Input your presentation topic or keywords.

  2. Tome's AI algorithm analyzes the input and generates a comprehensive presentation.

  3. Customize the generated presentation by selecting desired slides, layouts, and styles.


  • Tome allows you to customize your presentation based on your preferences.

  • The tool enables rapid creation of presentations, saving you time and effort.


  • Tome may require prompts or additional information during the generation process.


WPS AI website

WPS AI is an advanced AI generator designed to streamline the creation of PowerPoint templates. It offers a time-saving solution for creating AI-powered presentations. With WPS AI, you can input your content and let the tool analyze and generate visually appealing presentations automatically. It provides a convenient and efficient way to create professional AI PowerPoint templates.

The main feature of WPS AI includes:

  • Time-saving solution: WPS AI significantly reduces the time and effort required to create AI PowerPoint templates.

  • AI-powered generation: WPS AI uses advanced AI algorithms to automatically analyze your content and generate visually appealing presentations.

  • Efficient and professional results: With WPS AI, you can create professional-looking AI PowerPoint templates effortlessly, enhancing the overall quality of your presentations.

How it works:

  • Input your content, such as text, images, and data.

  • WPS AI analyzes your content and generates a visually appealing presentation.

  • Customize and modify the generated presentation as needed.

Pros of WPS AI:

  • Time-saving: WPS AI reduces the time and effort needed to create AI PowerPoint templates, allowing you to focus on your content.

  • Professional results: The AI-powered generation of WPS AI ensures visually appealing and polished presentations.

  • User-friendly interface: WPS AI offers a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

  • Customization options: WPS AI allows you to customize the generated templates, giving you flexibility and control over your presentation design.

Cons of WPS AI:

  • Limited-area testing: It's currently undergoing limited-area testing and has not been made available to all WPS users.

3. Slide Go

Slide go website

Slide Go is a template website that offers a variety of AI PowerPoint templates. It provides ready-to-use designs, saving you time and effort in creating your presentations. With Slide Go, you can choose a template, customize it with your content, and create professional-looking AI-powered presentations effortlessly.

The main feature of Slide Go includes:

  • Extensive collection of AI PowerPoint templates

  • Ready-to-use designs

  • Easy customization

  • Professional and visually appealing

  • Time-saving convenience

How it works:

  1. Visit the Slide Go website and browse through their collection of templates.

  2. Choose the AI Tech Agency theme or any other template that suits your presentation needs.

  3. Download the template and customize it with your own content and visuals.

Pros of Slide Go:

  • Wide selection of templates

  • Time-saving

  • Professional quality

  • Convenient customization

Cons of Slide Go:

  • Limited customization options

  • Limited template variations

4. website is a template website that offers visually stunning presentation templates. With a collection of professionally designed templates, provides a convenient solution for creating impressive AI PowerPoint presentations. The main feature of is its visually captivating templates that can be easily customized to suit your specific presentation needs. With, you can save time and create visually appealing presentations effortlessly.

The main feature of includes:

  • Visually stunning presentation templates

  • Easy customization options

  • Intelligent design engine for professional-looking presentations

  • Time-saving solution for creating AI PowerPoint templates

How it works:

  • Visit the website and browse through their template library.

  • Choose a template that suits your presentation needs.

  • Customize the template by adding your content, adjusting layouts, and modifying styles.

  •'s intelligent design engine ensures that your presentation looks visually appealing and professional.


  • Time-saving: provides pre-designed templates that save you time in creating AI PowerPoint templates.

  • Stunning designs: The templates offered by are visually captivating and help make your presentations visually appealing.

  • User-friendly interface: offers a user-friendly interface that makes the customization process easy and intuitive.


  • Further information is needed to identify any specific limitations or drawbacks associated with

5. SlideModel

SlideModel website

SlideModel is a template website that provides a wide range of professionally designed PowerPoint templates. With SlideModel, you can save time by choosing from their extensive collection of ready-to-use templates for creating AI PowerPoint presentations.

The main feature of SlideModel includes:

  • Wide range of professionally designed PowerPoint templates

  • Templates suitable for various presentation needs (business, education, marketing, etc.)

  • Ready-to-use designs that save time and effort in creating AI PowerPoint presentations

  • Visually appealing and impactful templates

How it works:

  1. Visit the SlideModel website and browse through their template library.

  2. Choose a template that matches your desired theme or topic.

  3. Download the template and customize it with your own content, visuals, and branding.

  4. Utilize SlideModel's resources, such as charts, diagrams, and icons, to enhance your presentation.


  • Time-saving: SlideModel provides ready-to-use templates, saving you time in creating AI PowerPoint templates from scratch.

  • Wide range of options: SlideModel offers a diverse selection of templates, ensuring you find a suitable design for your presentation needs.

  • Professional quality: The templates provided by SlideModel are designed by experts, guaranteeing visually appealing and polished presentations.


  • Further information is needed to identify any specific limitations or drawbacks associated with SlideMode

How to use an AI tool to generate an AI PowerPoint?

To use an AI tool to generate an AI-powered PowerPoint presentation, follow these simplified steps:

1. Choose an AI presentation tool that suits your needs like Free AI Presentation Maker: Generate Presentation in Sec (

Simplified website

2. Familiarize yourself with the tool's features and interface.

Simplified tool

3. Prepare your content, such as text, images, and charts.

4. Input your content into the AI tool using the provided methods.


5. Customize the design and layout of your presentation, if applicable.

Simplified custom

6. Initiate the presentation generation process with the AI tool.

Simplified generate

7. Review and make any necessary refinements to the generated presentation.

Simplified result

8. Save or export the final AI-powered PowerPoint presentation.

Simplified download

The Benefit of Using AI Generates A PPT Template ?

Using AI-generated PowerPoint templates offers several benefits:

  • Time-saving: AI tools quickly generate professional templates, saving you time compared to creating them from scratch.

  • Design assistance: AI algorithms help create visually appealing templates with layout suggestions and color schemes.

  • Consistency: AI templates maintain a cohesive design throughout your presentation for a polished look.

  • Efficiency: AI automates repetitive tasks, streamlining the creation process.

  • Inspiration and creativity: AI templates inspire new ideas and creative approaches to your design.

  • Accessibility: AI templates are user-friendly, accessible to users with varying design skills.

  • Professional appearance: AI templates enhance the overall professional look of your presentation.

  • Flexibility: AI tools offer a wide range of template options for different industries, topics, and styles.


Q1: Can I make an AI generate a PowerPoint For Free?

Yes, several AI tools offer free options to generate PowerPoint presentations. Refer to the tools mentioned above for free AI PPT template makers.

Q2: Can I download an AI generator for free?

Some AI generators provide free access, while others may have premium plans or paid features. Check the official websites of the AI tools listed above for more information on pricing and availability.

Q3: Can I use Chat GPT to Generate a PowerPoint?

Of course, you can integrate Chat GPT into PPT to create presentation documents. If you want to know the specific process, you can click on the hyperlink to view detailed steps.


In summary, this article highlights the top 5 AI PPT template makers available for free download. These tools, including WPS AI, Tome, Slide Go,, and SlideModel, offer efficient ways to create professional AI PowerPoint presentations. Among them, WPS Office stands out as a comprehensive suite of office tools, including AI-powered features. Save time and enhance your presentations by utilizing these AI PPT template makers.

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