4 Best Free Tools for Converting PDF to PPT in 2022

July 31, 2023 1.8K views

If you have a pdf file and you want to convert that file into a ppt file for your presentation or to edit it to make some modifications. What's the best option to do this? You can use free pdf to ppt converters available online or offline for Windows 10 and 8.

We will list here the four best tools to convert your pdf files into the ppt file and how to use them. All these tools are very handy, and you don't have to waste much time.

1-WPS office

The first recommended tool is the WPS office. You can convert any file into pdf or correct any pdf file to another file format. Pdf to ppt conversion by WPS pdf tool is very handy and budget-friendly. Let's discuss how you can convert your pdf files to ppt by WPS office in 2022 in a window and mac.


Open your pdf file in the WPS office and go to the menu option in the top corner.

Move down and go to the export to pdf option, then click ppt. And your pdf file will be converted into a ppt file.


It is a free online tool to convert Pdf files to ppt for Windows and mac. Using its pdf tool, you can convert any pdf file into any other file format for free.

Open any pdf file in, or you can drag or drop your file in and select pdf to ppt conversion.

Once your file is uploaded, click on convert option. It will take some time to convert your file, and the file will be downloaded.



Go to and open your pdf file. You can also drag and drop your pdf files. After taking some time for conversion, your file will be ready to download; click the download option to convert your file into a ppt file.


It's a free online tool, just the game of two or three clicks. It's one of the best and easy ways to convert pdf files to word in 2022.  


Open pdftogo website and choose your file by clicking on choose option. Once your file is uploaded, click on the start option. But before starting the conversion, select the file format as ppt. You can see; it's very easy to use the free tools to convert your pdf files to ppt.


You will not need to register yourself. And also, you don't have to install or download this to use it. You can use it online whenever you have an internet connection.

Guide to downloading WPS office:

All the pdf to ppt converters are free, but they are available online. So, you can’t convert your files unless you have an internet connection. If you want to avail of this opportunity without an internet connection, you should try the WPS office. It is available for windows for all types of conversions.

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