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How to Create a PowerPoint with AI Presentation Maker [2024]

April 3, 2024

When you're in a pinch and have to give a presentation without enough time to prepare the PowerPoint, you might worry it'll turn out poorly and be embarrassing. I know because I've been through that, reporting work in front of colleagues.

But things are different now; many AI presentation makers can generate beautiful PPTs in just a few minutes.

Can AI truly help me create the PPTs I need? At the same time, I'm concerned about AI's privacy implications (especially if I'm using company data) and who ultimately owns the AI-generated PPTs.

If you're also eager to learn how to use an AI presentation maker for your school or work PowerPoint presentations but unsure where to start, don't fret! Keep reading, and I'll guide you through using one of the best AI presentation software, WPS AI Slides, to create stunning presentations quickly.

This article focuses on specific steps of how to use WPS AI Slides because it's safe, user-friendly, creates attractive PPTs, and is perfect for beginners. If you want to explore more AI presentation makers to find the right tool for you, check out our article, The 5 Best AI Presentation Makers in 2024.

How to Generate a PowerPoint with AI Presentation Maker

Before the launch of WPS AI Slides in WPS Office, I've been using WPS Office to create my PowerPoint presentations for many years. I particularly enjoy its diverse selection of templates and the familiar Microsoft-style interface that puts me at ease. While Microsoft's Copilot feature hasn't rolled out yet, WPS AI Slides integrated into WPS Office software has given me a taste of the magic of AI-powered PPTs. With just a simple prompt, AI generates the outline and body content, allowing me to create dozens of slides in seconds.

Here’s how to create a PowerPoint presentation with AI:

Step 1: Download and launch WPS Office.

Step 2: Select Slides > Blank on the WPS Office home page.

create blank PowerPoint in WPS Office

Step 3: Click Create with AI to access WPS AI Slides feature.

Access WPS AI Slides in WPS Presentation

Step 4: In the WPS AI pop-up window, you have a few options to set up the AI generator:

  • Enter a topic or an outline of existing text in the message box to create a presentation

Enter your prompt in the message box of WPS AI Slides

  • Choose a preset prompt template for a quick start in the bottom right corner of the message box. In the displayed prompt, you'll notice that the program highlights key words in different colors, which I find quite user-friendly. It helps users understand and quickly make changes based on their own needs. If there isn't a suitable theme, you can click Refresh to see more preset themes.

Choose a preset prompt template

  • You can check "Body Content Included." Typically, I would check this because I want AI to pre-fill some content. Additionally, you can set the length of the generated PowerPoint. You can choose from Short, Medium, and Long Length options based on your needs.

Set up AI-powered PowerPoint

Once you've finished setting up, click on Generate. In this case, I used Brand Promotion Plan option, my prompt would be:

Now you are a professional brand promotion planner, designing a set of promotion plans for an automotive brand. The main audience of this brand is female consumers, aged between 20 and 35. Please generate a specific and feasible promotion plan based on a budget of 50,000 US dollars. The promotion channel is online.

Sounds nice! Let’s move to the next step.

Step 5: WPS AI Slides will generate the cover, outline and body contents of the PowerPoint, and the final number of slides will be displayed in the bottom left corner. Click Generate to create a PowerPoint presentation.

Generate PowerPoint presentation by AI

Let's check out the PowerPoint created by AI. It's really eye-catching with its vibrant colors and even includes a timeline in PowerPoint. The layout of the text is pretty well-balanced too. Overall, for an AI-made PPT, it looks pretty sharp. Now I don't have to hunt through template sites anymore—I can start from scratch with some solid content and design.

Overview AI-generated PowerPoint

Honestly, making a PowerPoint is a personal thing—you need your own viewpoints and ideas. That's why a lot of AI-generated content in PPTs falls short. It's a common issue with many AI tools out there, including WPS AI Slides. I've noticed AI sometimes adds vague or unnecessary words. However, it does give me some ideas and inspiration. For instance, if I'm planning an online promotion for cars, it might suggest stuff like social media promotion, content marketing, contests, and giveaways. These internet marketing tactics help me refine my own ideas.

Contents of AI-generated PowerPoint

On the slide about Promotional Emails, it recommends changing the subject line to boost open rates, focusing on the call to action, adding more personalized content (totally agree with that), and optimizing the email for mobile devices—a point I hadn't considered. Also, the mention of A/B testing at the end is pretty professional. While I still need to make some adjustments, these ideas are gold. WPS AI Slides has definitely helped me generate better content. Nice catch!

Flowchart in AI-generated PowerPoint

How to Change Theme in PowerPoint with Just One Click

Method 1: Use the Change Theme panel on the right.

Although the PowerPoint theme directly generated by WPS AI Slides is already stunning, I find its user-friendliness particularly in the Change Theme panel on the right. If you want to switch themes, you can choose a new one from there and apply it to all slides with just one click.

change Theme in PowerPoint using AI

In my case, as I'm working on a PowerPoint of Automotive Brand Promotion Plan, I chose to switch to a car theme. The change was done with AI in just a few seconds, and the result was astounding. If I had to do it manually, it would have taken me hours. With plenty of templates and easy swapping, I highly recommend giving it a try.

Method 2: Access the Change Theme panel on the left view panel.

Also, I noticed something cool in the left view panel: you can switch up the theme right on the cover slide. What's neat is you can filter themes by topic, color, and more, making it even more convenient. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Hover your mouse over the first slide, and the Change Theme icon will appear. Click on it to open the Change Theme window.

How to change PPT Themes with AI

Tips: If you don't see the icon, your screen might be too small, so try dragging the panel to the right to make it bigger.

Drag to show the change themes option

Step 2: Here, you have a few options. You can filter by themes like Minimalist, Business, Cartoon, or Technology. You can also select by color. Just click on the corresponding template to make the switch.

Custom the change theme settings

How to Use AI to Make a Slide Look Better

I've got to give the highest praise to WPS AI Slides here. Its "Beautify Single Slide" feature is very impressive, using AI to smartly spruce up your layout with just a single click. Other AI presentation makers offer these features, but WPS AI Slides does it in a way that feels so smooth and easy, meaning you can quickly be done with making a slide look better and get back to whatever it's you're doing.

Click the Beautify Single Slide option in WPS Office

Click the Beautify Single Slide option in WPS Office

How to add a timeline in PowerPoint with AI

For example, when I wanted to create a timeline for the Promotional Emails slide, I hit up the Beautify Single Slide icon. The pop-up window automatically recognized that my slide belonged to the Body type. In the FlowerChart category, the system also identified that I had six or more elements. After clicking on the desired timeline, the applied result was highly satisfactory.

How to make a timeline in PowerPoint with AI

How to Add Smart Diagrams with WPSArt

Besides the "Beautify Single Slide" feature, WPS Presentation has also stepped up its game with the ability to insert smart diagrams using WPSArt. Now, it offers a bunch of smart arts that can be perfectly matched to your theme colors with the help of AI, making your PowerPoint presentations look even more pro.

Here’s how to add the smart art:

Step 1: Click on "Insert" > "WPSArt"

Access WPSArt

Step 2: In the Smart Graphics window, select the smart graphic you want. You can filter by options like Recommended, Parallel, Top-down, Flowchart, Pyramid, Cycle, Image, and more, as well as the number of elements.

Filter the wanted smart graphic

A tip: checking the "Theme based" option ensures that the graphics created match the theme colors, and it's selected by default.

Step 3: You'll see the smart graphic with matching theme colors added to your slide. Now you can edit the text as you like.

Smart graphic added

While Microsoft's SmartArt also provides smart graphics, WPSArt takes it to the next level by offering more professional options that match the theme colors. With a plethora of rich graphics to choose from, it's saved me from the hassle of manual creation.

Pros and Cons of AI Presentation Maker-WPS AI Slides

The introduction of WPS AI Slides has broadened the presentation-making landscape within WPS Office. Whereas before, you could manually craft free and visually appealing PowerPoint presentations, now AI has turbocharged the process, yielding quicker and more impressive results. In summary, the key highlights of WPS AI Slides include:

  • Generating PowerPoint presentations with dozens of slides from a prompt in minutes.

  • Beautiful PowerPoint theme templates that support one-click theme replacement.

  • Automatically generated content that's sensible and can help refine your own ideas.

  • Offers single-slide AI beautification and professional smart graphics.

The only downside of WPS AI Slides is the lack of capability to generate PowerPoint from existing text or generate matching images to illuminate your point. For this aspect, AI tools like Gamma and Tome are more recommended.

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FAQs about AI Presentation Maker

Q1. Is It Safe to Use an AI Presentation Maker If I Create a PowerPoint Presentation for My Company?

One of the major hurdles of using AI is the concern about information leaks, especially when dealing with sensitive company data. With the rise of AI tools claiming to offer free AI PPT creation, particularly those web-based ones, there's a significant risk involved. That's why it's crucial to opt for reputable and trusted software. For me, WPS AI Slides is my choice, considering its solid reputation. Moreover, WPS Office boasts a 35-year track record and provides transparent privacy policies, further ensuring security and peace of mind.

Q2. Who Ultimately Owns the AI-generated PPTs?

The ownership of AI-generated PPTs typically belongs to the person or organization that initiates the creation process. This includes providing input, selecting templates, and making decisions regarding content and design.

It's important to check the terms and conditions of the platforms and services you use. Even though you're the final owner, your input could potentially be misused by unethical AI tools. Make sure to understand the services, read user reviews, and consider the company's reputation to make a safer choice.

Q3. Is WPS AI Slides AI Presentation Free to Use?

To access WPS AI Slides, you'll need a WPS Pro Plan. New users of WPS Office can enjoy a 7-day free trial plan, giving them a chance to try out the service before deciding whether to upgrade to a full membership.

To Sum Up

Using an AI presentation maker helps create PPTs quickly, but rushing can lead to mistakes or leaks of personal and company info. That's why picking safe software is important. WPS AI Slides by WPS Office is a reliable choice. It's fast and creates stylish presentations with a personal touch. By using AI, you'll feel more confident in your next presentation.

15 years of office industry experience, tech lover and copywriter. Follow me for product reviews, comparisons, and recommendations for new apps and software.