What is a PowerPoint Deck:A Complete Guide

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Many a time, whether it's an impending meeting or a need to deliver a presentation, we find ourselves unprepared. In such moments, the prospect of having a ready-made presentation that fulfills your objectives and looks impressive is a welcome solution. We live in an era where everything is readily available, and PowerPoint decks are no exception. But what exactly does a PowerPoint mean? And how can they benefit you? An even bigger question is, where can you find them? Rest assured, this guide will provide answers to all these inquiries, equipping you with the knowledge and resources to tackle presentations with confidence and efficiency, sparing you the need to painstakingly create them from scratch.

What is a PowerPoint Deck?

What is a PowerPoint Deck?

What is a PowerPoint Deck?

A PowerPoint Deck, also known as a "slide deck", refers to a presentation file or a series of presentations. Imagine it as a deck of cards where each card represents a slide in your presentation. It's important to note that while people often use the terms "presentation" and "slide deck" interchangeably, there's a key distinction between the two.

Difference between a Presentation and Slide Deck

A presentation is the act of conveying ideas, concepts, and messages through spoken words, while a slide deck serves as a visual aid to complement the presentation. Think of the slide deck as the visual support that helps you illustrate your points effectively during a presentation. Business professionals and marketers often use slide decks to showcase their projects, plans, and strategies, as they provide a structured and manageable way to organize and present information. In essence, a PowerPoint slide deck is like a collection of slides, much like how a deck of cards comprises individual cards, and together, they form a complete set.

Types of PowerPoint Decks

When crafting your presentation deck, understanding the nuances of your chosen style is key. Let's explore these common presentation types to help you tailor your slides effectively:

 Types of PowerPoint Decks

Types of PowerPoint Decks

  • Informational Presentations: Also known as educational presentations, these are ideal for sharing essential information. From highlighting the benefits of a new community library to showcasing research findings, they provide valuable knowledge to your audience. Keep it concise, informative, and easily digestible.

  • Persuasive Pitches: If your goal is to persuade and convince, persuasive presentations are your weapon of choice. Identify a problem, propose a solution backed by compelling evidence, and watch your audience embrace your viewpoint. Think of it as your startup's pitch to investors - compelling and influential.

  • Decision-Making Decks: Frequently seen in corporate and government settings, these presentations drive crucial decision-making processes. Stakeholders come together to discuss issues, potential solutions, and weigh possible outcomes. For instance, when planning a marketing campaign, decision-making presentations help shape the best strategies.

  • Instructional Sessions: Similar to informational presentations, instructional ones focus on educating your audience. However, they go a step further, delving into the realm of teaching. From workshops to webinars, these presentations equip your audience with new skills or knowledge, empowering them to apply what they've learned.

Each presentation type serves a distinct purpose, and understanding them empowers you to tailor your content for maximum impact. So, choose your style wisely, craft your slides thoughtfully, and captivate your audience with the power of effective presentations.

Benefits of Using PowerPoint Deck

Imagine you're a sales professional, and you're gearing up to pitch your product to a potential client. The success of this pitch could hinge on your ability to convey your message effectively. This is where a well-structured PowerPoint deck comes into play. It's not just a collection of slides; it's a powerful tool that can transform your presentation into a persuasive and compelling narrative. Let's look into some of the key features that make a PowerPoint deck an invaluable asset for your presentations:

Benefits of PowerPoint Deck

Benefits of PowerPoint Deck

  • Visual Clarity: PowerPoint simplifies complex ideas into clear visuals, including charts and graphs, enhancing data comprehension.

  • Audience Engagement: Well-designed decks keep audiences engaged by strategically using visuals, bullet points, and minimal text.

  • Structure and Organization: It acts as a roadmap, with sections, headings, and bullet points ensuring a coherent flow of information.

  • Versatility: PowerPoint adapts to various presentation types, whether it's a sales pitch, training module, or academic lecture.

  • Time Efficiency: It allows you to convey information succinctly, saving time while covering essential points.

  • Consistency: Ensures branding consistency in the corporate environment by incorporating company branding elements.

  • Remote Presentation: Easily integrates with virtual meeting tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, simplifying remote presentations.

  • Easy Updates: Effortlessly update presentations when information changes, ensuring content remains current.

  • Audience Takeaways: Provides handouts or digital copies for valuable references, allowing the audience to revisit key points.

  • Feedback Integration: Track audience responses and incorporate feedback into future presentations for improved engagement.

How to Create a PowerPoint Deck?

Crafting an exceptional slide deck is an art, and with these unique steps, you can master the process to create a PowerPoint Deck that truly stands out.

Step 1: Power up

Launch the PowerPoint tool, such as WPS Office, and let your creativity flow.

Create PowerPoint deck

Create PowerPoint deck

Step 2: Structure Your Vision

Plan the layout and hierarchy of your presentation. Think of it as the blueprint for your masterpiece.

Step 3: Title Triumph

Begin with a title slide that captivates your audience, setting the tone for your topic.

Step 4: Slide by Slide

Develop the following slides, each bearing a relevant title. Ensure a logical flow that guides your audience seamlessly.

Step 5: Visual Vibrance

Elevate your presentation using images, videos, and infographics tailored to your project's requirements. Visuals speak volumes.

Step 6: Animate and Captivate

Add animations and transitions to breathe life into your slides. Enhance the visual appeal and keep your audience engaged.

Step 7: Lasting Impression

Conclude with "Thanks" and "Any Questions" slides, leaving a professional and courteous impression.

Create PowerPoint Deck slides

Create PowerPoint Deck slides

Step 8: Preserve Your Work

Save your work, and consider keeping it on a reliable hard drive or in the cloud for easy access.

Step 10: Ready to Shine

Now, you're prepared to present your amazing creation. Let your hard work and creativity shine through, captivating your audience.

How to Make Your Presentation Standing Out?

Tips of Making Stunning Presentation

Your slide deck is more than just a collection of slides; it's your canvas to create a stunning presentation. Here are three unique techniques to elevate your slide deck:

Visualize Your Brilliance:

  • Unlock the power of visuals! Incorporate infographics, such as Harvey Balls, graphs, Venn diagrams, and other engaging graphics to make your slide deck visually captivating.

  • Create your own infographics or visual slides within PowerPoint, adding that personal touch to your presentation.

  • To master these visual techniques, explore WPS Academy for in-depth guidance.

Less Text, More Impact:

  • Balance is key. Less text, more visuals - this is the mantra. Slide decks aren't research reports; they're engaging narratives.

  • Embrace concise and impactful content. Engage with your audience through your words, not overwhelm them.

  • Prioritize your audience's focus, making your presentation more productive.

Design Consistency is Key:

  • From start to finish, maintain a consistent design. Your choice of colors, fonts, style, and messaging should flow seamlessly.

  • Consistency enhances engagement and ensures your message is both memorable and impactful.

Bonus Tips:

  • Trim the Fat: Less is often more in presentations. Remove excessive content and maintain clarity.

  • Phased Introductions: Create intrigue by revealing content in stages with animations.

  • Start Outside PowerPoint: Develop your content and structure outside of PowerPoint for a well-organized slide deck.

  • Embrace Graphics: Remember, you're here to visualize your message. Incorporate images, shapes, charts, and more to engage and captivate your audience.

Incorporate these techniques, and your slide deck will be a true work of art, leaving a lasting impact on your audience.

Top Design Trends For PowerPoint Slide Decks In 2023

  1. Embrace Spaciousness

Open up your slides by simplifying and reducing clutter for a modern, spacious design.

Spacious PowerPoint slides

Spacious PowerPoint slides

  1. Masterful Layering

Create depth and professionalism by artfully layering slide elements. Use color-blocked shapes as a base, and add text and images on top.

 Add layering in PowerPoint slides

Add layering in PowerPoint slides

  1. Elegant Typography

Opt for clean, readable fonts like Sans Serif to achieve a sophisticated, modern look.

 Elegant font style PowerPoint slides

Elegant font style PowerPoint slides

  1. High-Quality Visuals

Modern design thrives on high-quality images. Select impactful visuals for a sleek presentation.

 High quality PowerPoint visuals

High quality PowerPoint visuals

  1. Streamlined Color Palette

Keep your color palette minimal with two or three harmonious shades for a cohesive, trendy look.

Consistent color theme PowerPoint

Consistent color theme PowerPoint

Free Wonderful WPS Presentation Deck Templates

We discussed how to create PowerPoint decks and offered some tips for improvement. However, we understand that this may not be feasible for everyone. This is where WPS Templates comes into play as an excellent solution. With professionally designed templates that strike the perfect balance between simplicity and elegance, WPS Templates provides PowerPoint decks that are ideal for making a lasting impact on your audience. Let's explore a selection of templates available in the WPS Template Store, ready for your use.

  1. Watercolor New Work Summary

The Watercolor New Work Summary PowerPoint template is a vibrant and creative choice for summarizing your work accomplishments, challenges, and future plans. It offers a variety of slide layouts, including title, content, chart, table, and timeline designs. With a captivating watercolor style featuring a range of colors and patterns, along with icons and images, this template is visually appealing. It's user-friendly, allowing for easy customization of colors, fonts, images, and content to align with your specific needs.

Watercolor New Work Summary

Watercolor New Work Summary

  1. Modern Dark Business Plan

The Modern Dark Business Plan PowerPoint template is a professional choice for delivering a compelling business plan. It includes a range of slide layouts like introduction, mission, vision, market analysis, SWOT analysis, marketing strategy, and financial plan. The template's dark color scheme with blue and yellow accents, along with charts, graphs, icons, and images, enhances its visual appeal. It's easily customizable, enabling you to adjust colors, fonts, images, and content as needed.

Modern Dark Business Plan

Modern Dark Business Plan

  1. Clean Pitch Deck Presentation

The Clean Pitch Deck Presentation template is a sleek and versatile choice for presenting your business concepts. It offers a variety of slide layouts, including a cover, agenda, team, problem, solution, market, traction, and roadmap. The minimalist design with white backgrounds and subtle blue accents, along with included icons and illustrations, enhances visual appeal. This template is highly customizable, allowing you to easily adjust colors, fonts, images, and content to align with your specific requirements. It's an ideal option for creating a professional and engaging presentation for investors and clients.

Clean Pitch Deck Presentation

Clean Pitch Deck Presentation

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Q1. How to change PowerPoint templates?

Step 1: Open your PowerPoint presentation.

Step 2: Click on the "File" tab in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Step 3: In the "New" section, you have several options:

  • To use a personal or workgroup template, select "New from existing" or "Personal" based on your needs.

  • To search for a template, use the "Search for a template" option.

Step 4: Choose a featured template or theme from the gallery by clicking on it.

Once you've selected a template, a preview will appear. Click the "Create" button.

The new template will be applied to your presentation. If you don't have existing slides to import, you can begin creating new slides in your newly themed presentation. If you have existing slides that you want to apply the template to, follow the next section.

Q2. How do I convert my PowerPoint deck to other formats for sharing?

Step 1: Open your PowerPoint presentation.

Step 2: Click on the "Share" option within the PowerPoint software.

Step 3: If your presentation isn't already saved on OneDrive, choose where to store it in the cloud.

Step 4: Determine the permission level for your audience, whether it's "Anyone with a link" or restricted to your company. You can specify whether viewers can edit or only view the document.

Step 5: Apply the selected settings.

Step 6: Enter the recipients' names and include a personalized message.

Step 7: Click "Send" to share the presentation.

Step 8: Alternatively, you can copy the generated link and paste it into an email, social media post, or even a text message, providing flexibility for sharing your content across various platforms.

PowerPoint Decks: Your Path to Powerful Presentations

Using a PowerPoint deck saves valuable time, allowing us to focus more on our presentation. In this article, we've not only learned what a PowerPoint deck is but also discovered how to enhance it. If you're considering creating a PowerPoint deck or using a free template, consider trying WPS Office. It offers a one-stop solution, providing not only professional templates for PowerPoint decks but also the flexibility to create your own. With a sleek and modern interface, WPS Office offers a user-friendly experience with a wide array of advanced tools. Download WPS Office now and create a PowerPoint deck that matches your style.

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