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Create excellent letters, cards, and invitations using border templates for Word

August 30, 2022

The border templates for word are very beneficial because they will help you deliver more creative and eye-catching letters. They are templates that are ready to download and are easy to use, you have to add the text you want, and you will have a letter with borders in no time.

There are different types of border templates in Word format that you can download depending on your needs. For example, there are templates with flower borders, Christmas borders, vintage borders, etc. Below you can find a list of the best 10 border templates for word.

1. Hand drawing flower border letter.

Download hand-drawing flower border templates for words and get a unique letter in no time. They are border templates for word simple and easy to use, where you need to download them and add the text you want.

2. Borders by hand drawing stationery.

Use the border templates for word and create a beautiful letter to deliver to your loved ones. It has a simple design with yellow and blue flowers on the border that will add an eye-catching touch to your cards.

3. Fresh Flower Wedding Invitation.

If you need to create a fantastic wedding invitation with an ornamental border, you can use border templates for word. You will have the opportunity to have a creative and beautiful invitation that you can print or mail. They are border templates for word download completely free and easy to edit.

4. Christmas letter with Santa Claus.

With the border templates for word, you can create incredible letters, cards, and invitations. This blue template has a white border with Santa on the sleigh at the bottom.

5. Hand Drawing Flowers Letter.

Now you can create eye-catching letters using the beautiful border templates for word. The border templates have a simple design with flowers along the sides of the page that will add a touch of elegance to your cards or letters. They are border templates for word online that are easy to edit and modify.

6. Five Petaled Flowers Letter.

The border templates for word are versatile, and you can use them to create letters, cards, or invitations to deliver them in person or send them by email. They are templates that have five-petal flowers at the top and bottom of the Word page.

7. White Christmas Holiday Letter.

If you want to stand out in your Christmas letters, you should use border templates for word. They are border templates for word best that have an eye-catching design with poinsettias around the page and a snowman at the bottom.

8. Fresh Wedding Invitation.

Create a wedding invitation in no time using the best border templates for word. You will be able to get a fresh and elegant-looking invitation that has white flowers on the edges. They are border templates for word professional that you can download for free.

9. Hand drawing flowers letter.

Border templates for word are beneficial because they will help you create unique letters and cards in no time. This template has a simple design with a blue border and flowers that will add a fresh touch to your messages.

10. Floral Vintage Wedding Invitation.

Do you want to create a unique and original wedding invitation or card? You can download the border templates for word. It will help you to get fantastic wedding invitations with vintage designs in brown color and flowers. They are border templates for word beautiful free, and customizable.


Download the border templates for word and save time and money. You can create invitations, letters, and cards with creative and eye-catching designs without complications or being a Word expert. They are easy to use. You must choose the border you like best and add the text you want.

If you haven't found a suitable template for your needs, you can also download WPS Office. You will find thousands of free templates to choose from.

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