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FAQ about WPS AI Credits

July 31, 2023

What are WPS AI Credits?

WPS AI Credits are credentials that you consume when using AI functions, which are connected to your personal account. When the credit reaches 0, you will lose access to all AI features. However, you can always purchase WPS Pro or WPS AI Credits to continue using the service.

How can WPS AI Credits be used?

  1. WPS AI Credits allow users to access and utilize all WPS AI features, including WPS AI Writer, AI Rewriter, PDF Insights, PDF Inquiry, AI Snapreader, and more upcoming powerful AI features.

  2. The number of credits consumed may vary depending on the specific AI features you use and their complexity.

  3. To ensure optimal performance and fair usage for all WPS AI users, access to AI features may be adjusted based on your usage.

  4. For instance, by using 1000 credits, you can process approximately 7 PDF Insights or complete AI Writer requests around 27 times (The exact deduction amount depends on document size and the number of requests, subject to actual deductions).

How are WPS AI Credits consumed?

  1. The number of credits consumed by using different AI functions may vary.

  2. The credits used in the account are deducted from the balance when you use them. Each time you perform an AI action (including creating content, editing existing content, invoking an AI function, etc.) and receive a response from WPS AI, it counts as an AI interaction that consumes the corresponding amount of credits. Additionally, every time you click "try again," it counts as an additional AI action that also consumes credits.

  3. Credits are valid and will be cleared upon expiration. You can check the details in your personal center.

  4. The use of AI functions will prioritize the consumption of credits that are about to expire.

Where can I get WPS AI Credits?

There are multiple ways you can acquire WPS AI Credits. You can purchase WPS Pro, AI Credits Pack, or receive complimentary WPS AI Credits through occasional events.

How can I get more WPS AI Credits?

When your account runs out of credits, you can purchase additional credits to continue utilizing WPS AI features.

How are credits issued when trial orders are placed?

To enhance your experience with WPS Pro, we will provide you with 4000 credits during the trial period. Upon completing the 7-day trial and successfully debiting your account, we will issue the full credits for the selected subscription period.

How are WPS AI Credits cleared and issued?

The balance of WPS AI Credits will expire at the end of each chargeback cycle and will be updated and issued upon completion of the chargeback process. Any remaining WPS AI Credits will be cleared upon expiration.If you have purchased a one-time payment item, it will be settled at the end of the item cycle.

How to get a refund of WPS AI credits and how to cancel subscription?

Refund instructions: If you request a refund for a WPS Pro or WPS AI order, we will issue a partial or full refund based on the number of days of entitlement and the amount of AI Credits you have used. Simultaneously, the privileges and AI Credits you have utilized will be immediately revoked.

Cancellation: When you cancel your WPS Pro or WPS AI subscription, the WPS Pro or WPS AI benefits will stop being issued from the next subscription cycle onwards.

How can I get help when using AI features?

If you encounter problems while trying out WPS AI features, please feel free to contact our customer service email, we will have dedicated colleagues to help you solve your problems.

How to check my AI credits details?

To view the total amount of WPS AI credits you have, your balance and consumption details.

How does WPS AI use my data?

Your data is still encrypted and private following our standard data protection practices.

WPS Office will not use your data to train our models. Any information used to power WPS AI will be shared with our partners for the sole purpose of providing you with the WPS AI features. We do not allow any partners or 3rd parties to use your data for training their models or any other purpose.

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