Format Cells Locked and Hidden

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Format Cells Locked and Hidden

Format Cells Locked and Hidden

When working with spreadsheets, what should we do if we want to hide and protect the formulas in the cells?

Take this spreadsheet as an example, click the Review tab, then we can box the cells containing the formulas, right-click for the pop-up dialog, select Format Cells. Its shortcut key is Ctrl+1.

Next, click Protection, check Locked and Hidden at the same time, and click OK.

We sometimes find the Locked option in the dialog settingsdisplaying as a black square, which represents unchecked.

What's the cause of this?

It turns out that there are two options in the boxed area, locked and unlocked cellsWe need to re-check the Locked option so that the selected cells are all locked.

Note: Locked and Hidden can only take effect when Protect Sheet is turned on, and the two functions need to be used in conjunction with each other.

So in the next step, we also need to click Protect Sheet to complete the protective action.

In this way, when selecting a cell, the calculation result would be displayed without the formula, while we can't edit in the corresponding cell. For all, easy our work with WPS Spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel.