Format painter: tips for unifying format

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Format painter: tips for unifying format

Format painter: tips for unifying format

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In the process of making a WPS Presentation slide, we will unify the format of the text content for aesthetic purposes. Today, let's learn some tips for unifying the format quickly.


Take this slide as an example. We can see that the font, font size, and color are different between each text. We can simply select the text box in the first line, and click the Home tab, then click the Format Painter button. Move the cursor to the second text box that needs a unified format, and click the left mouse button to complete the format copy.


If you want to change the format of multiple objects, it is very troublesome to click the format painter multiple times. We only need to double-click Format painter when selecting the first line of the text box. At this time, we can continuously use the format painter to format the text. After completing the unification of the format of all texts, we can click the Esc button on the keyboard to exit the format painter. 02.gif

What a practical feature! Perfect your work with WPS Presentation like Microsoft Office powerpoint. Did you get it?