Use format painter to quickly unify text formatting

Uploaded time: August 26, 2021 Difficulty: Primary

Use format painter to quickly unify text formatting

Use format painter to quickly unify text formatting

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When we are editing a document, we may sometimes find the formatting of the document is not uniform. Or sometimes, we may want to quickly apply the same formatting of one paragraph to another text. All these situations can be easily solved with Format Painter, which could be also used in Microsoft Office Word and Openoffice.


Take this document as an example. After we finish setting the text formatting of the title, we now want to copy all formatting of the text to the title below.

1. Select the text content that has the formatting that you want to copy.

2. Click the Home tab first, and then click the Format Painter button.

3. Now when the cursor returns to the document editing area, use the brush to paint over a selection of text to apply the formatting. 

Now we have applied the text formatting successfully.


We only need to click the Format Painter button one time to use the function. If we want to change the format of multiple selections in your document, we can duplicate the Format Painter button by first double-clicking to lock the Format Painter function. By doing this, the needed format can be continuously applied to different texts now. 


To unlock this feature, click the format painter again. 


By using the format painter we can greatly improve our work efficiency. Come and learn!