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Free weekly employee work schedule excel template

August 31, 2022

Free weekly employee work schedule excel template can be used y companies or organizations to manage and organize their employee schedule according to time distribution. This template provides a plan for the work management used for the work shifts of the workers and also provides a sheet that contains templates use to plan the schedule of up to 8 hours shifts for employees for all 7 days of the week with formula.

You can create a free weekly employee schedule excel template by using cloud-based spreadsheet software and can organize work accordingly. This can be downloaded in a print, image, and printable PDF. You can use the WPS website for free download of the excel templates for the employee weekly schedule. Following are some of the samples available on the WPS;

1.  Green Simple Work-Study Schedule.xlsx:

This is a simple template that can be used for the employee weekly schedule with basic and simple features.

2. Simple Weekly Calendar:

These templates include a few more details about the shifts and the working arrangement of the employees.

3. Weekly Work Plan Summary:

This excel templates can be used for the summary and detailed information about the working hour's divisions and time management for the employees.

4. Modern Black Weekly Plan:

The modern blocks of these templates can be used for the work arrangement and the schedule for the next seven days of the week.

5. Basic Weekly Plan:

This template is very basic and can be used for details of less number of employees mainly from -8 with the duration of hrs. of work in a week.

6. Basic Weekly Plan.xlsx:

These templates can be used by comparatively small companies with less number of employees where it will help in work management and organizations.

7. Printable Weekly Plan.xlsx:

This template can be freely downloaded and can be printed. This includes all the basic requirements that can cover the whole plan of work for the employees of the company.

8. Weekly Schedule Form.xlsx:

A very basic excel template that can be used for the important work plan and other important tasks which are given to the employees. This will the employee to remember the important tasks throughout the week.

9. Simple Weekly Schedule.xlsx:

This is a very basic template and can be customized through software for personal use and could be planned according to the shifts and timings of different employees for straight seven days.

10. Weekly Work Schedule.xlsx:

This is a customized template that can be used for the upcoming week as well which will help the employees to arrange their work and tasks accordingly.


These free weekly employee work schedule template  in excel can be used for the work management and time arrangement of the company and are very helpful for any employee. The basic templates can be easily downloaded from WSP which is free with a range of variety and designs. The sheets can be formulated according to the wish of the users with different software and can be used accordingly. You can make your template in excel by using cloud spreadsheet software. Download WPS office for getting free templates.

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