Get Started with AirPage!

July 7, 2023

AirPage is an online document collaboration tool for individuals and teams. With a clean interface, easy operation, seamless sharing, and real-time collaboration.

Create your first AirPage

  • Open the WPS Office homepage, click  "AirPage"  >  "blank" .

  • Click "+"  on top navi to create a new one.

How to Edit?

With a user-friendly interface and powerful editing tools, you can easily revise, refine, and collaborate on your documents with maximum efficiency.And now, with WPS AI integrated, get support starting from scratch and access 15 tailored writing scenarios to meet diverse needs. Enhance existing text content by adjusting length, checking grammar, improving tone, and more!

let's start typing:

  • Begin typing whatever you want.

  • Type /  to quickly access the toolbox.

  • Try to insert various elements: checkboxes, images, gifs, tables, emojis, dates, files, code blocks, countdowns, and more.

  • Great looking display without deliberate typography.

  • Easily adjust the order of paragraphs by simply dragging and dropping them with the mouse.

AI Writer: Augment Your Creativity

WPS AI can help you write quality content from scratch, whether it's an article outline, press release, social post, lesson plan, tagline, or marketing email. It can easily handle it.

AI Writer: Chat With The AI Assistant

You can continue the conversation with WPS AI on a certain topic or start a new topic. If you aren't satisfied with the answer given, you can request a rewrite or simply discard it.

AI Rewriter: Summary And Imitation

You can also insert one or more existing documents as reference material for AI content generation, such as inserting multiple work dailies to let the AI generate a weekly work reports.

AI Rewriter: Help You Write Better

WPS AI can rewrite and enhance the original text without changing its meaning. Includes: summarize, make longer or shorter, improve, fix spelling&grammarerrors, and change tone.

Version History

Every edit made by anyone is recorded in the version history. If you make a mistake and want to start over, simply revert back to the desired version.

Share with Others

Set the share permission to edit and send it to the individuals you want to collaborate with. This way, you can work together in real-time.

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