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High-Quality Client Database Excel Template Sheets

September 27, 2022

Creating a client database is an essential part of managing a business. A client database excel template can be as simple as a spreadsheet or as complicated as a website. The more information you have on your clients, the easier it is to market to them and increase their revenue. You can check out free client database excel template spreadsheet for download on WPS office.

1.Customer Contact Record

This template is designed to record every customer’s details and contact. Date of the customer’s first visit to the property is also written here.

2.Fresh Green Management System

In this excel template, complete warehouse management data can be stored for later use. The important instructions, commodities to purchase, products used and their maintenance with the inventory are stated in this.

3.Customer Registration Form

This template is a customer registration form through which a seller can keep a record of the customers coming to his shop. This may help him to keep in mind the customer’s choice in future.

4.Procurement Management Table

Using this excel management template, one can effortlessly track the record of all the units purchased of a particular item date wise.

5.Customer Complaint Record List

This template lists down the complaints that customers make so that the business can be improved by solving problems that customers are facing.

6.Invoicing Warehouse Management Form

In this excel template, the goods ordered by a warehouse and the receiving date of those goods and other details are mentioned.

7.Green Lease Management System

This excel template quotes fundamentals of leasing a property or any equipment. These details will help in avoiding any dispute in the future.

8.Raw Material Management Form

This free excel template tells the information about the raw material of a factory. Columns for the material name, its quantity ordered and utilized are present in this template.

9.Simple Spare Parts Management Chart

Following this template, one can keep an eye on the spare parts available in the warehouse, whether the quantity is enough or not. This would help in smooth functioning of the business.

10.Construction Schedule Gantt chart

Construction schedule gantt chart template is best to use for business projects. You can construct your schedule through this.


There are many ways to create a spreadsheet, but I prefer using Excel. Excel is a very versatile program that allows you to enter data in many different ways. You can start with a blank sheet and enter your data by hand or use an import tool to pull in data from an external source. There are also many different formatting options for your data that make it easy to change the look of your spreadsheet. You have a business and you want to keep track of your client database. You can edit the client database excel template with all of your clients listed in columns. If you wanted to contact your clients you could type their name into the search bar and it would bring up the corresponding cell. This will help you keep track of your clients and also make it easier for you to contact them. WPS office is a software suite which provides a lot of such excel templates for free, thats why you should have this installed in your device. Just visit their website, and download the whole suite for free.

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