How can we protect a worksheet in WPS Spreadsheets

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How can we protect a worksheet in WPS Spreadsheets

How can we protect a worksheet in WPS Spreadsheets

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Do you know how to lock cells in WPS Spreadsheet so that they cannot be modified by others?


Take this table as an example.

1. Click the Review tab. 

2. When finding that the Lock Cell button is gray, it means that the entire table is now locked. At this point, click Protect Sheet.

3. Check the Select Locked cells and Select Unlocked Cells options in the pop-up dialog box.

4. Enter a password and click OK to confirm. Then we will find that the form cannot be edited.

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What needs to be aware of is that Lock Cell and Protect Sheet can not be used indepently. We need to use the Lock Cell to confirm the locked area, before using the Protect Sheet function. In this way, we can protect the worksheet. It can make our work easier with WPS Spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel.


How can we cancel the protection?

1. Click Unprotect Sheet.

2. Enter the correct password, and click OK. 


In addition to the Lock Function function, WPS also provides other types of permissions for users to choose, such as the Insert Columns function. By checking this option, we can insert columns into the locked sheet based on our needs.

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Here is another situation at workplace. When setting the editing permission for users, the Use AutoFilter option might have already checked. Even so, you still don't have the permission to filter the data. Here are the steps to solve this problem.  

1. Select the cell range.

2. Open Autofilter, and then click Protect Sheet.

3. Check the box of Use AutoFilter. 

In this way, you would gain the permission to filter the data.

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