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How to Add Text in Excel Formula

August 1, 2022

Including text while using formula sometimes make the data easier to understand, you just have to add some text in beginning, end or in between the formula hence in this article, we will be learning about how to use text in formula in Excel.

Example 1: Inserting a Formula and Text in the Same Excel Cell

Take a look at the photo below. The columns on an income-expense list are 4. Each person listed in the Name column has had their monthly savings determined.

It is now rather unpleasant to infer what those values genuinely stand for simply from looking at them.

We can add descriptive language with these values to improve readability. such that any reader would be able to comprehend what those figures truly mean.

To make the figures easier to understand, we may combine the formulae with the descriptive descriptions.

To make the figures easier to understand, we may combine the formulae with the descriptive descriptions.

In Excel, you may add both text and a formula to the same cell.

Enter the formula in cell E5 by entering it there and then.

=B5&'s monthly saving is: &C5-D5

To add both the text and the formula to the same cell, use the symbol & and double inverted comma () respectively. Therefore, use & and double inverted commas to separate text from cell values, formulae, or functions if you wish to do so.

For instance, we have added cell B5 to the formula above as the first step. The text 's monthly savings is: has then been added. We have used the symbol & to distinguish this text line from the cell reference and formula.

 Take your mouse cursor to the right-bottom corner of cell E5 and drag the Fill Handle symbol up to last cell to apply the same formula to the remaining cells.

Consequently, the final result will appear as follows once the text and formula have been added to the same cell.

Example 2: Add text in formula in Any Order:

Text and a formula can be added to the same cell at any time. Just be sure to use the symbol & and double inverted commas () to separate the text from the formula.

For instance, the formula that comes next will first add text and then the formula:

=Kim's monthly saving is: &C5-D5

Utilize the following formula if you wish to use the formula first and the text to display later:

=C5-D5 & is Kim's monthly savings.

Example3 : How to Put Text in Formula in the Same Excel Cell:

In this part, I'll demonstrate how to add a formula with dates to the same Excel cell.

To achieve this,

In the cell E5, enter the formula below.

=B5& from &TEXT(C5,dd-mmm-yyyy)& to &TEXT(D5,dd-mmm-yyyy)

First, I entered a text string in cell B5 and added it to the formula above. I met the syntactic requirement by inserting the symbol & and double inverted commas () between them. The parameters for the TEXT function are then shown.

Following that, there is another block of text that is also divided by the apostrophe (&) and double-inverted commas ('). Following that, the second TEXT function and its appropriate parameters appear.

then click the ENTER key.

Drag the Fill Handle symbol from cell E5 to cell E10 to apply the aforementioned formula to all of the cells.

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