How to compress pictures in WPS Presentation

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How to compress pictures in WPS Presentation

How to compress pictures in WPS Presentation

When we are making slides, we often need to insert multiple pictures. When there are too many pictures, the file size may increase, and the transmission speed will slow down.

As is shown in this video, here are two presentation files with the same content. The file that has used the Compress Picture feature has a significantly smaller size than the other one. So how can we compress pictures?

1. Click to select the picture.

2. Then click the Compress Picture button in the Picture Tool tab above.

3. In Apply to, we can choose Selected Pictures to compress the pictures only on this page or select All pictures in the document to compress the images of the entire presentation file.01.gif

In the Change Resolution area, we can set three different resolutions. They are namely Web/Screen with a resolution of 120dpi, Print with a resolution of 200dpi, and No change.02.gif

Suppose we have cropped pictures in the slides, and these cropped pictures have not been completely deleted from the document. They have occupied a certain proportion of the file size. We can check Delete cropped areas of pictures to compress the size of the pictures again. After setting, click OK to compress the file size.03.gif

What a practical feature! Did you get it?

This skill could be compatible with Microsoft Office PowerPoint.