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How to convert PPT to PDF with hyperlinks in WPS Office on mac

April 27, 2023

Sometimes when you need to save a presentation asa PDF file, some hyperlinks and notes may be lost. To avoid this problem, you can convert ppt to pdf with hyperlinks in WPS Office on mac.

Steps to convert ppt to pdf with hyperlinks in WPS Office:

1. Open your ppt file in the WPS Office.

2. To save it as .pdf format, go toMenu and click Export to PDF, or go to the Tools tab and click Export to PDF to popup the dialog box.

3. Choose the ppt fileand click Export to PDF.

After completing the above steps in WPS Office, the hyperlinks in ppt will not be lost when the ppt is converted to pdf format.

Note:The hyperlinks on pictures cannot be exported directly in WPS Office.

What is a hyperlink in WPS Office?

Have you learned how to convert PPT to PDF with hyperlinks in WPS Office on mac? A hyperlink is a connection between an element in a hypertext document and a different element of another hypertext, file, or script. Users can activate linked elements by clicking on the hyperlinks, which are usually underlined under the linked elements or displayed in different colors to stand out. In a hypertext document, hyperlinks are indicated by tags in markup language. Depending on the connection path, hyperlinks in web pages are generally divided into the following three types: internal links, anchor links, and external links.

Until now, we have learned how to convert ppt to pdf with hyperlinks in WPS Office step by step. If you're interested in more detailed operations about the typesetting of a functional document, feel free to refer to WPS Academy!

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