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How to convert word/excel/ppt to pdf for free in WPS Office

March 4, 2022

Welcome to WPS Official Academy! Are you looking for free pdf converter with powerful functions? That's it! WPS Office is a perfect choice for you to convert word/excel/ppt to pdf files for free. After reading this quick tutorial, you are able to quickly perform conversions between word/excel/ppt and pdf.

lSimple steps to convert word/excel/ppt to pdf for free in WPS Office

1. Open the word/excel/ppt documents you want to convert in WPS Office.

2. Go to the Tools tab, and click Export to PDF.

Note: You can find the entrance following the same path in WPS Writer, Spreadsheet, and Presentation.

3. In the pop-up dialog, you can set Export range, Save Path and Export Type. Furthermore, you can click Add files in the upper-left corner to convert multiple files of the same format at one time.

Note: The Image PDF which can't be edited and copied and the batch PDF export feature is only available to WPS membership. You're welcome to subscribe for WPS Premium to unclock more functions.

4. And click Export to PDF to finish.

lWhat is WPS Office?

WPS Office is a professional and user-friendly WPS Office suite including four powerful modules of WPS Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentation and PDF. As the best alternative to Microsoft office suite, WPS Office is trusted by over 100,000,000 users all over the world for its powerful functions, concise interface and intuitive path. WPS is committed to offering the users with the best integrated office experience.

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Check out these tips and tricks to master WPS Office. Whether you need to create a report, write a letter, update your resume, create a cover page or add a cross reference, free WPS Office is ready and waiting. Learn how to take your Word, PPT, Excel and PDF from plain to exceptional. Find out the tips and tricks you need to know so that you can use Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheet and PDF like a pro!

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