How to print the notes in PDF

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How to print the notes in PDF

How to print the notes in PDF

We may add notes to important content when reading a PDF document. Do you know how to print them out?

Take this document as an example. We have added several notes on the page.

1. Click Menu and click Print.

2. On the right of the pop-up dialog, select Document and Note Contents in the Print content drop-down button.

3. Then the marks of notes are displayed in the preview window. However, we still fail to print out the contents in the text boxes. What can we do?

There are two methods for us.

The first method is to click the Comment tab, click Note Mode, and then enter the print interface again.

Now in the preview window, the contents in the text boxes are displayed on the right. Then we can adjust the page settings as needed. For example, we can set the Orientation as Landscape.

The second method is to convert the PDF document into a word document.

Click PDF to Word in the Tool tab, and we see that the text boxes are displayed on the page. Then we click Print to print them out.

You can select a preferred way according to your actual needs.

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