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How to create a block diagram in WPS Office PowerPoint?

February 18, 2022

Are you ready to master how to create a block diagram in WPS Office PowerPoint? After reading this free tutorial, you will be able to improve your work efficiency with WPS Presentation.

lWhat is a block diagraminWPS Office PowerPoint?

A block diagram is a specialized flowchart typically used in engineering, which is composed of blocks connected by lines. It helps the users design new systems, describe the existing ones, provide the visualization of systems, so that they can realize the goal of brainstorm and communication.

Then, how can we quickly and easily create a block diagram in WPS Presentation?

lHere are the steps to create a block diagram in WPS Office

For example, we are going to create a block diagram to display a company's organizational structure.

Option 1. Find a block diagram template in WPSArt.

1. Open WPS Presentation and locate the page you want to create the block diagram.

2. Head to the Insert tab, and click WPSArt. In the pop-up dialog box, there are 8 categories for the users to choose from. Here we can choose Hierarchy to illustrate the desired information.

3. Choose an appropriate template, and click Insert.

4. Now we may find that the blocks are not enough to display all information. Thus, we can click the block, and 5 buttons will appear on the right, which are used to add shape, change layout and move shape. Click the Add Shape button, and choose Add Shape Below.

(Note: you can also find these functions in the ribbon above.)

5. Next, we can input text in the blocks respectively.

6. In addition, we can also change the color and style of the blocks as needed in the ribbon above.

Option 2. Customize a block diagram in WPS Office.

Alternatively, we can customize a block diagram through inserting shapes and lines.

1. Go to the Insert tab, and click the Shapes drop-down button. We can select the rectangles and lines in the slide to create a block diagram here.

2. Click the block to input text as needed.

If you want to learn more about how to insert a chart and edit chart data in WPS Presentation, please visit WPS Academy here:

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