How to create a flowchart in Word

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How to create a flowchart in Word

How to create a flowchart in Word

We often need to paint various Flowcharts in the office routine. In WPS Writer, we can make flowcharts easily with the Insert Shapes function.

There are many kinds of flowcharts. Today, we will give an example to  illustrate better.

Step one, insert a drawing canvas.

Click Insert, then click Shapes and select New Drawing Canvas to add one.

Step two, insert shapes.

Every symbol in a flowchart has its meaning. You'd better pick them up carefully. I will list a few important and commonly-used symbols to illustrate.

Click Insert, then click Shapes. Go to Flowchart to pick and drag the shapes you want on the canvas.

Select the shape, then press Ctrl and drag it to copy shapes continuously.

Step three: Insert Lines

Next, we need to insert lines and connect them with shapes in series to form a complete process.

You can also customize the style of lines. Select the line and click Formatting on the right. Here, we can change the thickness and color of the line.

After setting, we can also set it as default, and right-click to select Set as Default Shape so the lines inserted later will apply this style.

Step four, insert text.

We can adjust the alignment to make these shapes more attractive.

We may find it difficult to select multiple shapes at once. What should we do?

You can click the Home tab, then click Select and Select Object to pick shapes.

This is all about creating a flowchart in WPS Writer. Did you get it?

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