How to create a table with one click

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How to create a table with one click

How to create a table with one click

Did you know that, when you are using WPS Spreadsheet, you can directly create a table in the original datasheet? The generated table comes with functions such as sorting, filtering, and setting styles, which can save us a lot of time for subsequent operations. For all, easy our work with WPS Spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel. Here are the steps to create a table.

Take the sales table in this article as an example.

1. Click the Table button in the Insert tab. (Notes: You can also use the shortcut key Ctrl+Lto directly open the edit box. )

2. Select a data range and check the option ofMy table has headers.

3. After creating the table, we can find that WPS Spreadsheet has provided a large number of built-in templates for the users in the Table Tools tab. Then you can click to choose a favorite style.

Suppose that we need to find out the top ten sold products efficiently.

1. Since the table feature comes with a filtering function, we only need to click the drop-down button on the right.

2. Click top ten to get the results.

When there is no need to use the sorting and filtering features, you can also click the Convert to Range button to convert it into a normal table with one click.