How to create magnifying glass effect in PowerPoint?

January 17, 2022

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Sometimes we need to highlight a specific area in our powerpoint presentation pictures. Then we can create the magnifying glass effect in our slides.

Now lets explore the techniques step by step.

1. Create a duplicate of the original picture with the shortcut key Ctrl+D. Then select the duplicate picture and click the Picture Toolstab.Then click Crop drop-downbutton and choose an oval shapepreferably.

2.Next, narrow the cropped area as you wish, find the Crop Pale in the top-right corner of the picture, and click the Crop by Scale>1:1. Then click the Crop button.

However, its hard to distinguish it from the original picture now, so we need to create the Shadow effect. Here are the steps.

1.Select the cropped picture and go back to the Picture Toolstab. Then click Picture Effects>Shadow, and select Offset Center.

2.Now feel free to adjust the oval shape to focus on specific area of your picture.

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