How to crop a PDF file

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How to crop a PDF file

How to crop a PDF file

PDF is a common file format at work, which cannot be easily modified. If we want to delete a part of the page quickly, we can use the Crop function for WPS VIP members.

Take this file as an example. We can see the proportion of the text and margins is obviously out of harmony. How can we adjust it?

· Step 1

You can find crop page in the Edit tab.Also, you can click crop page in the Page tab. 

When the dotted lines appear around the page, click Auto Cropping, and WPS Office will automatically select the cropping location based on the page's content. You can also manually drag and drop a line to control the cropping area.

To crop the page more accurately, you can click Custom page of Clip and set page size and page margin in the window. Then, check Lock aspect ratio to crop the page to equal proportions.

· Step 2

Click Page Select to select the range of pages to crop. You can choose All Pages or manually enter specified page numbers. At the same time, you can choose to apply to All Page, Even Page, or Odd Page, and then click OK.

· Step 3.

After completing settings, click Complete  to crop all the pages of the PDF file to one size.

Note: The clipped pages cannot be restored, and you can only go back to the previous step by pressing Ctrl+Z.

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