How to insert or delete pages in a PDF file

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How to insert or delete pages in a PDF file

How to insert or delete pages in a PDF file

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How can we insert or delete pages of the original file when editing a PDF file?

Take this file as an example. Click the Page tab, then click the Insert Pages drop-down menu. Here, we can choose to insert a Blank page. Its shortcut key is Ctrl+Alt+I.

In the popup dialog box, we can set the size, direction, number, and insertion position of the new page.  Click OK to insert a blank page.


We can also create a new page from the file by Select from PDF. Its shortcut key is Ctrl+Alt+T.

After selecting the required file, the Insert page dialog box will pop up.

Let's assume that we now need to insert the cover page of this new PDF file to the end of the original PDF. Enter 1 in Page Rages, then select insert to the Last page, and finally click OK.


Click Delete Pages. Here, we can choose to delete the current page, or enter other page numbers we want to delete.  Click OK to delete.


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