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How to edit resumes in pdf format in WPS Office

March 18, 2022

In WPS Office, we can edit resumes directly in pdf format by joining WPS premium. Are you ready to master how to edit resumes in pdf format in WPS Office? After learning this WPS free course of how to edit resumes in pdf format in WPS Office, you will be advanced from a beginner in WPS Writer.

An introduction to the features of editing resume in pdf format in WPS Office:

Ø Add text to your resume

1. Click the Add Text button, click on the position where the text needs to be inserted, and enter the text.

Ø Insert a picture into your resume

1. Click the Insert pictures button to pop up the dialog box and choose the picture you want to add to your resume.

Ø Edit content in your resume

After adding the text and the picture, we can beautify the content in your resume.

1. Click the Edit Content button. Select the text, and we can modify the text format.

In the Text Properties  data-imgw=800 data-imgh=450 data-src="//res-academy.cache.wpscdn.com/images/6fc798370e46ea7423c8d8aace55b3f9_0.56_5058.gif" data-test="skks" style="max-width: 100%; width: 720px; max-height: 405px; height: calc(100vw *(450/800)); text-align:center;" >

2. Click the image, and we can modify the image format.

In the Image Properties  data-imgw=800 data-imgh=450 data-src="//res-academy.cache.wpscdn.com/images/8ad44bff42c4f951deec1b4d03fac8f1_0.56_5156.gif" data-test="skks" style="max-width: 100%; width: 720px; max-height: 405px; height: calc(100vw *(450/800)); text-align:center;" >

In addition to the above functions, we can also edit pdf files by the following functions in WPS Office: Change fluid, Crop and Split page, Header and Footer, Background, Watermark, Attachment, and so on.

What is Character Spacing when you edit resume in PDF?

Character spacing, also called letter spacing, refers to the increase (or sometimes decrease) of the optical coherence of space between letters to affect the visual density within a line or paragraph of text.

When the characters are so close together that the text displays unnaturally, we can set the character spacing of the text to solve this problem.

Adjusting the character spacing of the text can make the layout of the resume look more neat and beautiful.

Until now, we have learned how to edit resumes in pdf format in WPS Office Word. If you're interested in more detailed operations about the typesetting of a functional document, feel free to refer to WPS Academy!

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WPS Office is a free office software that is capable of creating and editing different file formats, including texts in Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheet, and PDF. No matter if you are a student or a business runner, WPS Office is a top choice. WPS Academy, along with WPS Office, offers free and useful tips to beginners who don't know where to start. In addition to the basic functions, WPS Academy can also take you to the more advanced world of office software.

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