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How to excel file locked for Editing by Me

February 13, 2023

How to Excel File Locked for Editing by Me is an article about how to protect excel file with passwords. When you share an excel workbook with other people, you may want to protect it from being edited or changed without your permission. In this article, we will show you how to do it in a few simple steps.

You are able to prohibit other individuals from making modifications to your workbook without your permission when you use excel locked file, which is one of the advantages of using excel locked file. This is especially helpful in situations in which you are sharing a workbook with other people but do not want them to make any changes to the document that they have access to. Another benefit of using an Excel file locked is that you can safeguard it with a password.

How to Excel File Locked for Editing by Me: First Option

1. Open the file you want to lock for editing.

2. Once file is open now go to the menu and choose the document encryption and then Encryption.

3. After choosing the Encryption the password window will open.

4. Now enter the password of your choice and also type the hint to remember the password. And check the box read only recommended and then click ok.

How to Excel File Locked for Editing by Me: Second Option

1.Take this file as an example. We click Menu and then choose the Options in the drop-down list.

2. There will be a pop-up box. Click Security, where we can find options for encrypting this workbook's files and sharing them.

3. Once you've chosen the security option and want to encrypt the whole table, enter the password in the Document password edit box.

Choose the password carefully for the first option, then retype it for the second box. The third box is for the clue that you have to establish for your own memory so that you can remember the password. After providing the password and choosing a clue, you may proceed to click OK and revel in the fact that your file is now protected.

4. After entering the password check the read only recommended box and then click ok and your file is locked for editing.

How to Excel File Locked for Editing by Me: Second Option

1. Open the file you want to lock and then select the data you want to lock.

2. Once you select the data click on the lock cell option.

3. As you locked the cell now choose the protect sheet and then enter the password. And click ok. Now your file is locked for editing.

In conclusion, excel locked file is a great way to protect your workbook from being edited or changed without your permission. It is also a good way to password protect your workbook so that only you can access it. If you want to learn more about excel locked file, please check out at the WPS Academy's website, you may find out more about the WPS office. There is also a free version of WPS Office that anyone may download and use to edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. Only individuals who come to this page will be able to take advantage of this offer.

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