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How To Get An Average: A Comprehensive Guide

July 31, 2023
Understanding averages is a key skill, whether we're making sense of everyday data or tackling office tasks. If math isn't your strong suit, getting an average can seem daunting and time-consuming. But don't worry, we're here to help you master the art of finding averages quickly and efficiently. Dive into this guide and learn how Excel can become your secret weapon for tackling averages. So, if you've ever wondered "how to get an average," read on - we're about to make it as simple as pie.

Use Average Function On Excel Via Shortcut Method

If you are curious about how to get an average, you can use function on excel via shortcut method:

  • Open the Excel file that contains the data you wish to apply the 'average' function to.

  • Move to cell D12, this is where we will calculate the average employees salaries.

  • Begin entering "=average" in the D12 cell. You'll see Excel propose the function in a pop-up box.

how to get an average

  • To confirm your selection of the average function, press the 'Tab' key on your keyboard.

  • Proceed to cell D7, click on it, then drag your mouse downwards to cell D11 before releasing. This action selects the cell range between D7 and D11.

how to get an average function

  • Confirm this range selection by pressing 'Tab', prompting Excel to compute the average of the values in these cells.

  • To apply this average function to other monthly data, return your cursor to cell D12. Hover your mouse over the cell's corner and you'll see a plus (+) icon appear.

how to calculate an average in excel

  • Click and hold the left mouse button, then drag horizontally to cell F12. This copies the average function to the cells corresponding to the following months, enabling you to compute their averages too.

Use Average Function On Excel Via Clicking Average Function

If you want to find the average calculator? You can simply use average function on excel:

  • Begin by opening the file you wish to manipulate.

  • Navigate to cell D13 to compute the average of Employees salaries.

  • Proceed to the Home tab and locate the AutoSum function.

  • Click on the arrow associated with the AutoSum function, this will prompt a dropdown menu.

  • By selecting the Average function from the dropdown list, you will be able to calculate the average.

how to get an average autosum

  • Upon selection, the function will automatically identify and select the appropriate range of cells, which is visible in the function tab.

  • Hit the Tab key. This will allow the average function to compute the average of the selected range of cells.

how to get a percentage

  • To calculate the average for all cell ranges, return to D12 and position your mouse at the corner of the cell until it changes into a '+' symbol.

  • Hold down the left mouse button and drag it to the right until you reach F12. This action replicates the function across all cells, enabling it to compute the averages for all the months.

How To Calculate The Average In Excel, Excluding Zeros?

By following these steps you can easily find the answer of “how to calculate average marks”

  • Begin with an Excel spreadsheet and enter your data into a range of cells.

  • For comparison, you may wish to calculate the regular average using the AVERAGE function. You do this by typing =AVERAGE(range) where range refers to the cells containing your data as mentioned above.

  • To calculate the average excluding zeros and blank cells, you need to use the AVERAGEIF function.

  • Type =AVERAGEIF(range, ">0") into a cell. The range of cells that you want to average should be replaced by the range of cells that you want to average. The ">0" is the condition that tells Excel to only consider cells with values greater than 0.

how to get an average excluding zero

  • Press Enter to finish. Excel will now calculate the average of the specified range of cells, ignoring any cells that contain a zero or are blank.

Best Alternative-WPS Office

The following steps can be followed in order to calculate an average in WPS (WPS Spreadsheets):

  • Start by selecting the cell where you would like the average to be displayed. For your example, this is cell D4.

  • Once the cell is selected, go to the Formula bar and click on "Insert Function".

how to get an average WPS Office

  • A dialogue box will appear. Type "AVERAGE" into the "Search for Function" field.

  • From the options that appear, select the "AVERAGE" function and then click the "OK" button.

find the average calculator

  • After clicking "OK", a "Function Arguments" dialog box will pop up. Here, you will need to input the data you wish to find the average of.

average calculator in WPS Office

  • For this example, you will select all the sales data cells (B2 through B8). To do this, click and hold your mouse at cell B2, drag it down to cell B8, and then release the mouse button.

  • Once you have selected all the data, click the "OK" button in the "Function Arguments" dialog box.

  • The average value will now be displayed in the cell you selected at the start (D4).

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Use Sum Function To Quickly Calculate The Sum?

  • Click the 'Insert Function' button located in the 'Formula' tab.

  • From the selection box that appears, select the 'SUM' function.

  • This will prompt a pop-up dialog titled 'Function Arguments'. Here, 'Number' signifies the range for the SUM function.

  • Click on the 'Number' input box and then select the cell containing the value you wish to sum.

  • Repeat this operation for each cell you wish to include in the sum.

  • Once you have selected all necessary cells, click 'OK'. The sum of the selected cells will be calculated and displayed.

Hyperlink In WPS Office Spreadsheet

  • Navigate to 'Statistics' and perform a right-click action.

  • Select the 'Hyperlink' option from the context menu. Alternatively, you can simply press Ctrl + K to open the same Hyperlink dialog box.

  • In the new dialog box that pops up, select 'Place in this Document'.

  • Under 'Cell Reference', choose other worksheets as necessary.

  • Finally, select 'Statistics' and confirm your choice by clicking 'OK'. This finalizes your settings.

A Quick Way To Calculate Count, Max, And Min

Identify the dataset, and then navigate to the Formulas tab, locating the AutoSum feature there. Click on the Sum option from the drop-down list to promptly obtain the cumulative total. This procedure bears a striking resemblance to finding averages.

Choose the area of the table that requires averaging. Access the Formulas tab, where you will find the AutoSum option in a drop-down list. Click on the Average feature to compute the mean daily sales volume of masks in August.

Additionally, the maximum and minimum sales volumes during this time frame can also be rapidly computed using this method.

How To Get A Month Name From A Date In Excel?

  • Choose the cell with the date by doing a left-click on it.

  • Navigate to the 'Format Cell' option.

  • From there, go to the 'Custom' selection.

  • Finally, choose 'MMMM' from the types available.


Getting used to Excel functions is an art. It makes your calculations easy and convenient especially when you have massive data. There are multiple ways of finding average in Excel including using the AVERAGE function, the autoSUM feature, the AVERAGEIF function, and so on. All these functions are easy to use and help you conclude your work in minutes. If you have a sloppy PC and running Excel on your machine takes time as it requires lots of resources, then try to switch to WPS Office.

WPS Office is a free, lightweight, and fast alternative to MS Excel. You can download it on your PC or use it online. It offers identical features as that of MS Excel but consumes very less resources comparatively. Moreover, WPS Spreadsheet has additional features like tabbed interface, multiple windows, document encryption, presentation mode, and cloud integration.

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