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How to insert a checkbox in excel

July 25, 2022

You should know that adding an insert a checkbox in excel in your journal is usually an interactive task that you can use to override or select an option. If you want to work effectively in the Excel program, you must know how to use this comprehensive tool.

Also, when you know what insert a checkbox in excel provides, you will be able to know in detail how to delete a checkbox safely. If you like to work in Excel, you need to discover how each tool works, such as insert a checkbox in excel online so that you can make your documents better every day.

How to insert a checkbox in Excel?

You must know how to specifically do the steps to insert a checkbox in excel safely.

1. First, go to the Developer tab, then controllers, insert, form controls, and checkbox.

2. Click anywhere on the spreadsheet to insert a checkbox.

3. In the dialog box where this format control is, you must make some changes through the control tab. Then click accept

How to remove checkbox in Excel?

Learn how to remove the Excel checkbox in several steps to know everything about inserting a checkbox in excel. If you like technology, you can also practice insert a checkbox in excel mac.

1. You can easily delete a single checkbox. It would help if you pressed the delete key to select a checkbox. You have to accurately hold down the control key and manage to press the left mouse button.

2. If you want to remove multiple checkboxes,

• You must hold down the control key and then select what you want to delete

• Then you have to press the delete key

3. If you have several checkboxes that are scattered on your worksheet, you can get a list of all the checkboxes and then delete them at once

• You will have to go to start, then edit, search and select the selection panel

• Then, a selection panel will open that will list the objects in your worksheet.

Select all the boxes you want to delete and press the delete key

• Please note that the names of each checkbox are usually the back-end names and not the titles.

How do you correct the position of a checkbox?

It is vital that you specifically know how to correct the position of a check box in Excel in a few steps:

1. To prevent the checkbox from moving when you delete cells, left-click where the checkbox is and select Format Control.

2. The Format Control dialog is located, you must choose the properties tab.

3. In the properties tab, where Object positioning is located, you must select do not move or change the size of the cells. Click accept

If you have managed with the information found about insert a checkbox in excel, surely you have obtained the best experience learning new functions of the Excel program. So you should not forget to easily follow WPS Academy so that you have much new knowledge when working making tables of your work.

Let yourself be impressed by how you can work with the help of insert a checkbox in excel so that your work in Excel boxes will be as successful as you want. Entrepreneurs love working with this useful and innovative tool, such as insert a checkbox in excel how to

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