How to insert and find bookmarks in WPS Writer

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How to insert and find bookmarks in WPS Writer

How to insert and find bookmarks in WPS Writer

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No matter you are students, teachers or business workers, can create and edit documents efficiently by WPS Writer as text editors. Easy to use like Microsoft Word.

We cannot finish reading a long document all at once, so we can create bookmarks for the document contents to record the location we saw this time.


Click the position where the bookmark needs to be Inserted. Then, select the Insert tab and click the Bookmark button to pop up the dialog box.

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We can enter the name of the Bookmark in the name edit box. In this case, we type First.

At Sort by, we can choose the way we want bookmarks to be sorted. Sorted by Name means the bookmarks will be sorted by initials. Sorted by Location means they will be sorted according to the locations.

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How can we find the inserted bookmarks?

Head to the View tab, then click the Navigation Pane button.  At the Navigation Pane panel, select Bookmark, where we can view the added bookmark and jump to the location at once.

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At Navigation Pane, we can Right-click bookmarks to decide whether they are sorted by name or location, rename, delete one or all of the bookmarks, and Show Bookmarks.

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