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How to insert bullet in Excel

July 25, 2022

Excel is one of the most used programs globally, and it is only fair that you learn to use its tools. Keeping your work organized is one of your priorities. Using bullet points to break down your documents is a difficult task. You must have truthful information to learn more quickly and thus apply them when doing your work.

Insert bullet in Excel may be difficult, but not impossible, especially when you need to place it in spreadsheets. Of course, Word or PowerPoint is much faster and easier, but here are some tricks that might help you. Pay close attention, so you can understand and thus achieve your goals and have more organized work.

How to insert bullet in Excel?

Insert bullet in Excel are used in all types of documents. It is a graphic tool that helps you make lists insert bullet in Excel allows you to highlight the main details of the text so that they are much more visual.

1. Enter an Excel spreadsheet.

2. Verify that you have the Insert tab and click on Symbols – Symbol Icons.

3. In the text box, you will write 2022 Character Code.

4. Click on Insert and then click on Close.

You can add more bullets to the text; press the Alt + Enter button.

How to insert bullet in Excel online?

You can insert bullet in Excel in your texts. You can also have numbers or letters.

1. Select the new blank sheet or any Excel file you want to modify.

2. Double-click the cell where you want to place the symbol, and click the text box – Symbols.

3. Select the symbol you want to insert in the box by clicking on the Box.

4. Click the right mouse button and select Bullets. Select the bullets of your preference.

You can add as many bullets as necessary for you in the text. You can do it on each active line.

How to insert bullet in Excel Mac?

Insert bullet in Excel may not be as easy as you could in Word, but that doesn't mean you can't do it. Also, on Mac computers, you can put bullets in your Excel documents and more if your keyboard has Num Lock.

1. If you have Num Lock, you can press the Shift + Num Lock or Fn + Num Lock keys.

2. If not, you can use the Symbol Dialog Box in Insert – Symbol – Symbols.

3. Select the symbol of your choice and click Insert.

Write the number of symbols you want, all in a different cell. You can copy and paste and write the text. Put the first bullet in the line; then, you can copy and fill the other lines you want and insert bullet in Excel with the fill handle. If you want to use the custom format, you will see that adding bullets is much easier and faster.

Select all the cells in which you want to be able to insert bullet in Excel. It doesn't matter if they are empty. With the right button, click and select Format Cells you can also press on the keyboard Ctrl + 1. You will see a tab below. Go to Number – Custom – Category – Type. You will see the bullets you used, type a space in @ and click ok.

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