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How to insert excel into word

July 25, 2022

Creating a document in Excel implies that data will be processed, while documents in Word are for creating texts. Generally, they do not need each other, but sometimes it is essential to join both formats by insert excel into word.

There are several ways to achieve this goal. All created so that you do not have certain limitations and that, in this way, your work or projects can be carried out more easily. Find out how to insert excel into Word with these easy-to-follow methods.

How to insert excel into Word with just copy and paste?

This is the easiest way. You may have already used this method to insert excel into Word without knowing it. This is what you need to do:

1. Select all the parts of your Excel file that you want to transfer to Word.

2. Press the combination of Ctrl+C or click the right button and then select Copy.

3. Open Word and choose the space where you want to put this data.

4. Press the combination of Ctrl+V or hit Paste after entering the menu by the left mouse button.

5. And that's it, you'll have your table in Excel ready to be displayed. In addition to also being available for some modifications if necessary.

How to insert excel into Word as an embedded object?

If you want to insert excel into Word online, placing the format as an embedded object would be more convenient. This will ensure that the table remains original and that changes can be made through the initial Excel file.

To insert excel into Word with this method, these are the steps to follow:

1. Select all the parts of your Excel file that you want in Word.

2. Copy via the traditional method or use the combination of Ctrl+C.

3. Open the new Word file. Put the mouse where you want to insert the Excel format.

4. Inside the home tab, you will see a drop-down menu where the Paste button will be, click on it. Select Paste Special.

5. A dialog box will open. You must select the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet object option in As. Click OK to finish and get your embedded Excel spreadsheet.

How to insert excel into Word as a linked object possible?

This is recognized as the most flexible method to insert excel into Word mac as this will ensure a live connection between the Word and Excel files. This is the procedure you should follow:

1. Select the file section in Excel that you want to put in Word.

2. Copy through the Ctrl+C combination.

3. Open the new Word file.

4. Put the cursor where you want to put the Excel table.

5. In the Start part, press the drop-down menu that says Paste.

6. Within the dialog, select Microsoft Spreadsheet Object. Verify that the button on the left side is marked Paste Link. Click on OK.

As you can see, insert excel into Word is not complicated at all, and its methods are quite similar to each other, which gives you more freedom to do the procedure that is most convenient for you.

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