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How to search a word on a page in word document 2016

July 21, 2022

How to search for a word on a page? Searching for a word on a page is not a big deal everyone could easily search for a word on a page. In other words, there is a specific option available in word to search for phrases, words, or sentences in the documents. There is no bondage for only searching for a few characters or words you can find specifically searching for them. In this article, you'll learn more about How to search a word on a page, and by following a few simple steps you're able to search it on your own. Follow all the steps that are given below and implement all of them in your draft.

How to Search a Word on a Page in a Document

If you want to search for a specific word on a page in a document this is the most basic way. Read the step-by-step instructions down below to search for a word on a page.

1. Open your desired word document and Go to the Home tab.

2. Press CTRL+F or go to the Find option.

3. A navigation pane search box appears on the page.

4. Click and Search for a word that you want to search on a page.

5. Go to the page and navigate the word you search is Highlighted on the page.

These five steps are easy to follow and a beginner-level person understands in a minute or less to solve their query by searching in the box.

How to Search a Word on the Page in Word 2016 with Advanced Options

Advanced search features are available for performing the advanced level job in word 2016. In other words, there are no such complex options to follow you can easily perform the advanced search with find options.

1. Open your word document click on the Home tab and go to find.

2. Now click on Advanced options under the find.

3. By clicking the find& Replace search box appears on the screen in seconds.

4. Click on More on the down left side of the search box.

5. Select the options you want to apply.

6. Click on matching cases if you want more in detail.

7. Hit the OK button and word will highlight all the advanced searches that you’re looking for.

By following 7 steps in an organized manner you’re able to search for a word on the page in a document in word 2016.

How to Search aText on a Page in a Word Document

Searching for a text is super easy and by following a few simple steps you can find the results that you're looking for.

1. Open your Home tab and select the find option or press CTRL+F.

2. A navigation box will appear to search the text that you want to search.

3. Results will be shown under the box in their tab check and confirmed you’ll find the text that you're looking to find.

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How to Search a Page for a Word in Google Docs

Using the “Find and Replace” feature of Google Docs can make it easier for you to find relevant information from documents in no time. Here is how you can use this search feature of Google Docs to save time and effort.


1. Click on the “Edit” button once you open your desired document, and click on the “Find and Replace” menu.

2. Alternatively, you can also rely on the “Ctrl + F” combination to locate a specific word within a document.

docs find and replace

3. Once the “Find and replace” box shows up, you can enter your desired word to find all the places where it is present in a document.

4. Use the Up/Down arrow in the search box to jump through the results in no time.

5. You can also use the “Match case” and other features shown in the image to narrow down the results.  

docs find replace feature

6. Press the “Esc” key on your keyboard to terminate the search process from a document.


  • This feature allows you to search for more than one word or phrase in Google Docs.

  • The Advanced search options of Google Docs can save time and effort.

  • Using the arrows in the search box of Google Docs, you can jump through results easily.


  • You cannot use this feature to search from multiple Google Docs documents.

  • You won’t be able to use the scroll bar in Google Docs to jump through results.

  • The search feature of Google Docs cannot filter all the sentences containing a term.

How to Search a Page for a Word in PDF

A PDF document shows up perfectly on all devices and has the same viewing on various platforms. You can also use a PDF document to find a specific word and save time by avoiding the process of going through the entire document.


Here’s how to search a word in a document:

1. Open your PDF in Adobe Acrobat or a supported browser like Google Chrome.

2. Use the “Ctrl + F” feature to find your desired information from a PDF.

3. If you are using Adobe Acrobat, you can use the same combination given above to trigger the search feature.

4. You can use these search options in Adobe Acrobat:

i. Whole Words Only

ii. Case Sensitive

iii. Include Bookmarks

iv. Include Documents

adobe pdf find feature

5. Press the “Esc” key so you can close the search option in your PDF document.


  • This feature of search on PDF files allows you to find one or more phrases.

  • You can use the advanced search options in your PDF to save time.

  • This search feature of PDF files allows you to jump between results.


  • You cannot use this feature to find information from multiple PDFs at the same time.

  • This search option for PDF files doesn’t allow you to use the scroll bar for matching results.

  • It cannot filter all the sentences in your PDF that contain your desired term.

How to Search for a Word on a Web Page

Web browsers are developed with all use cases in mind, which is why the useful feature of finding specific information is virtually available in all browsers. Here is how to search a page for a word in your browser easily:

Use the “Find” Feature of Your Desktop Browser

Almost every web browser you can install on your computer contains a built-in feature for searching a specific term. There are two ways you can trigger the search feature in your browser:

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Here’s how to search a website for a word:

  • Navigate to the specific webpage from which you are willing to find information.

  • Use the simple keyboard shortcut of “Ctrl + F” if you are using a Windows PC. However, if you are using a Mac, you can use the “Command + F” shortcut instead to proceed with the finding task.

  • You will find a search box hovering above the web page once you use the shortcut mentioned above.

find word in webpage chrome

  • The search box that will appear on your web page will have up and down keys to help you jump through the specific instances of a word on a web page.

  • To close the search box option, click on the “X” button that is on the right side of the search box.

Using Browser's Application Menu

A simple way of finding information on a web page is given below:

  • Once you are on the website from which you want to read content, you can click on the “Three dots” button.

  • By clicking the “Three dots” button, you will see the Menu of the browser that contains the “Find” feature.

browser in-built search feature

  • Enter the phrase inside the search box you want to find on the web page to only see the information that suits your purpose.


You will find this in-built search feature to be the fastest for omitting unwanted information.


The downside of this search feature is that it cannot help you search for something from all tabs of your browser.

Use the "Find" Feature of Your Mobile Browser

If you browse the web regularly on your phone and don’t want to waste your time reading irrelevant information, you should know how to only look for specific information on a web page.


Here’s how to find a word on a page in your mobile browser:

  • In your mobile browser, click on the “Three dot button” to access the menu.

find word chrome android

  • Choose the “Find in page” button and type/paste the phrase you want to search in a web page.

  • Use the Up/Down arrow in the search box to jump through different search results easily.

  • Click on the “X” button once you’re done with the search and want to close the Find bar.


This method allows you to find specific information on your smartphone and helps you avoid switching devices.


This method is only useful for finding information on a single website and not from all the tabs.

Use Google Search

Google search advanced options can help you find a specific term from the entirety of the web pages of a website that are indexed with the search engine. Here is how you can find a specific phrase through Google the right way:


  • Open the Google search engine on your desired browser by visiting google.com

  • Type the name of the website from which you want to find a specific search phrase.

  • Use the “site:” text before the name of the website, and also type the phrase you want to search.

site search operator google serp

  • Once you see the results, use the “Ctrl + F” combination to find specific information from different web pages.

These steps can help you learn how to search a page for a word of a complete website.


  • This method of searching saves you from visiting every page of a website to find specific results.

  • It can help you with finding data from complex websites.

  • Using this search method on Google can save time and effort.


  • This method can only be used on Google search engine.

  • You cannot use the browser search feature through this method.

  • This method of searching for a specific phrase can cause privacy issues or might not help you with finding relevant information.

Use Google Chrome Find Extension

All the methods mentioned above are only useful for finding information from a single website. But if you want to find a phrase from all the tabs of your browser, you can use the extension discussed here.


Here’s how to search all pages for a word on Chrome Browser:

  • Open the “Chrome Web Store.” In the search button, type “Multi Search & Multi Jump.”

  • On the “Multi Search & Multi Jump” page, click the “Add to Chrome” button.

multi search extension chrome

Once the “Multi Search & Multi Jump” extension is added to Chrome, open your desired website and click on the “Magnifying glass icon.”

find word extension option

  • Type in any phrase you want to search. This extension will fetch results from all the tabs opened on your browser.

  • Once you are done with the search process, click on the “X” button to stop using the extension.


  • You can search multiple words and phrases from all tabs of your browser.

  • This search extension can help you match or ignore uppercase and lowercase.

  • You can find the search history of finding from tabs in this extension.


  • You cannot use the “Whole words” option in this extension.

  • It cannot help you filter all the sentences that contain your search query.

FAQs about Searching a Page for a Word

Q. How to search words on a page on Safari browser on Macbook/iPhone/iPad?

A. Here’s how to control f on iphone to find relevant information:

  • Open your desired webpage on Safari browser.

  • Tap on the “Three dots” button in Safari and tap the “Find on Page” button.

  • Enter your desired term to find a term on the website opened on your iPhone.

Q. Why Can't I Search Words on a Webpage?

A. If you know how to search a page for a word and still cannot get your desired results, it might be from the fact that a code is blocking your view.


By reading this blog, we hope that you have learned how to search a page for a word to save time. Using this feature will allow you to sharpen your research skills and make it easier to get your documentation tasks done.

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