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How to search words on a page on Mac

February 13, 2023

When you learn how to search a word on page mac, you will be learning how to use the Find tool. There is a Find and Replace tool that lets you replace instances of words and phrases.

Aside from the method below that we use to search for a word in a WPS Word document for mac, you can also use a keyboard shortcut to launch the Find tool. Simply press Command + F on your keyboard to launch it.

The Find tool lets you search for whole words, phrases, or even letters. You can use it to find what you are looking for in your document, regardless of how much or how little of the information you enter into the search field. Searching for a specific words on a page is easy. You can use this tool on mac and on Windows( /2010/2016/2013) as well. The tool is free of cost, online and offline.

How to search words on a page on Mac?

 Let me explain each steps one by one.

1. Open your document in WPS office

2. Click on the home tab in the toolbar at the top of the Macbook.

3. Click the Find and replace button, it will take you to the search bar, now you can put the specific word that you are searching for, here.

How to search for a specific word in a page through advance Find?

1. Advance search means making your search word, phrase more specified.

If you want to be more specified with your search, all you need to is click on the more button, it will show you a checklist, check on the options like match case, find whole words only, match prefix, match sufix, and etc.

2. If you are done with the specification, then just click on Find Next, it will search for that specific word. Find previous means, if there is more than 2 similar words with that specific word you can choose the previous one If that is your search.

How to search for specific words through shortcut key?

Well, you can also search a specific word by using shortcut key. 

Try command+F for MAC or CLT+F for windows. It's easy to use. By using this shortcut key, the same text box will appear on the top of the screen where you can enter the specific word that you want to search. You can not only search a word but you can search for a phrases, even a whole sentence.

For reference see, the image below,

Congratulations! You learned how to search word in pages mac through toolbar and through using shortcut key. 


Searching for a specific word on page is really time taking when its manual, However, by using the above instructions you can save your time. We are here, to show more useful tips and tricks like this. Stay connected to learn more, you can also visit WPS Academy for learning about WPS Document/presentation/excel/PDF. Download WPS office now!  

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