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How to search for a specific word in WPS office

February 13, 2023

When we are using WPS documents,edit documents their is always a high frequency of using search and Replace features,,to search for a word/content on word page.It saves us a lot of time when we are editing a document and increases the efficiency of work.

If you want to find some specific word on a word page, you can search for Find and Replace function. This article explains how to search for a word using  the Find and Replace option in most major.

How to search for a specific words on page?

We can use the keyboard shortcut command Ctrl+F to find what we need.

The following steps will show you,how to search for or find word on any page in WPS word.

1. Open your word document, and then click on Home tab then choose Find and Replace--Find.

How to search for a word in a file?

We can use the keyboard shortcut command Ctrl+F to find what we need.

The following steps will show you how to search for or find word on any page in WPS word.

1. A pop up dialogue box will appear,we can put the specific word that we need to find,in the Find What text box,then we choose the Find Next button.

2. The Find tool lets you search for whole words, phrases, or even letters.

How to find a word and highlight in word?

1. We can use the search highlight function if we select Highlight All in the Reading Highlight button,there all the searched words will be highlighted.

2. Sometimes we may want to replace a word in the document. In that case, we click on the replace button, then enter the word/highlighted word we want to replace. After that click on the Replace All button. A new word will replaced.

3. We can set some restricted conditions for the search results to find what we need, that should be more accurate, we use three menu: more, format and special.We first choose the more button, more options will appear.

4. If you are searching for a single word, click the Find Whole Words Only check box.

5. Click the Highlight All Items Found check box then Click Find Next, those words that contain it as a part will not displayed.

We have learned the best method of WPS office. A better learning future starts here, I am still learning.



This is a useful tutorial with a powerful feature,how to search for a specific word on word page, which could help for beginners.For all easy your work with WPS office.

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