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How to insert pdf into excel

July 25, 2022

If you prepare a presentation or need to deliver a report and have little time, you must insert all your PDF files into Excel. For this reason, inserting pdf into excel can help you make your spreadsheet program more precise and detailed.

Surely if you are an employer, you will need to insert a pdf into excel so that it can help you easily share information with all your employees. Currently, Microsoft allows you to insert graphics, images, PowerPoint presentations, and PDF files through an Excel file. This makes it easier and faster for you to present your work.

You can also learn how to insert PDF into excel in other methods such as an object or a Hyperlink function. In this way, you will know how PDF works best and what it offers so that you can work successfully.

How to insert PDF into Excel as an object?

To learn how to insert pdf into excel as an object, you must practice executing its tools with patience.

1. First, you have to open your Excel spreadsheet and go to where the insert tab is located.

2. You will have to select where the object option is in the Text section in the right corner.

3. Select where it is create from file and check your folder so that you can select the PDF you want to insert through the pop-up window. To finish, you have to click on the OK button so that you can import the PDF to your Excel document as an attached document type.

How to attach PDF in Excel via the Hyperlink function?

Follow these steps to insert pdf into excel properly and handle new modern features.

1. You must open your Excel document.

2. In the Insert tab, click where the images option is to insert an image in Excel.

3. Right-click through the image in Excel and then selects select. Then, you can choose a PDF file to link to the image.

How to insert a PDF into Excel after converting it to an image?

If you are interested in being a specialist in inserting pdf into excel, you must know several methods to handle this tool easily.

1. Start in Microsoft Excel and then go to the insert tab. Then click images and then this device to select the converted image.

2. Double-click the image you want to insert so that it can be added to the Excel document later.

Surely you have learned how to insert page break excel in several easy steps. For this reason, if you had a good experience with this tool, you should not stop following WPS Academy to have all the information you want on similar topics. So frequently look for the new tools added to this kind of program.

You must learn to insert pdf into excel how properly to pass your work quickly.

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