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How to insert row into excel

July 25, 2022

In a completely new spreadsheet, it is not always necessary to insert row into excel, as it is one of the most widely available tools available in the entire Excel extension. However, when a lot of data is used or necessary to do it in the middle of 2 busy cells, it is important to implement strategies to achieve it.

It is not a complicated task, but if you are new to its use, you will be able to know everything you need when inserting rows into excel and how you have to do it. Consider that this system is also functional for Mac, so you do not have to consider additional formats in its elaboration.

How to insert row into excel mac or windows spreadsheet on a computer with mouse?

Working with excel is more comfortable if you do it from a computer, especially when insert row into excel you will need the following simple steps:

1. Enter excel and select any row in the list. It is recommended that this be an empty, unformatted row. Select the number of rows to insert, right-click, and select Insert if you want to insert multiple rows.

2. Right-click on the row number and select Insert.

How to insert row into excel with keyboard commands?

Although the result will be the same, you can decide to insert row into excel with the keyboard commands to save time and not have to click on the mouse, being this way:

1. Select the row in which you want to insert a new one.

2. Press the right button key, go down to the Insert section, and then hit Enter.

3. If you don't want to go down in the list, you must place yourself in the row and combine Ctrl Shift +.

How to insert row into excel multiple ways with keyboard commands?

If you need more than one additional row in the entire spreadsheet, you have no limitations to achieve it. You can apply the following insert row into excel strategy to facilitate the process:

1. Select a row and shade the others you want to multiply up or down. They can be as many as you want and without limitations.

2. Press the right mouse button, scroll down to Insert, and press Enter to add the rows you need.

3. If you want it to be a simpler task, shade the rows, combine Ctrl SHIFT + and notice the duplicate of the chosen rows.

These forms of insert row into excel are functional when using the tool online or on a computer, so you have complete ease of operation. It is not always necessary to carry out this process, but if you use all the available rows, you can add others as needed without problems and eliminate the fixed ones you want.

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