How to lock cells in WPS Spreadsheet

October 19, 2021
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1. Use WPS Office to open or create a new table, then select the operated cells.

2. Click the Review tab click the Lock Cell button in turn.

(Note: Only if the worksheet is protected, the Lock Cell feature can protect data from being modified.)

How to lock cells in WPS Spreadsheet1.gif


3. Click Protect Worksheet. Then the Protect Sheet dialog box will pop up.

4. Set a password according to our needs in the Protect Worksheet popup box, and check Select locked cells and Select unlocked cells.

5. Finally, click OK.

How to lock cells in WPS Spreadsheet2.gif


(Note: We can also check other options according to our needs.)

6. Now we have successfully locked the selected cell.

How to lock cells in WPS Spreadsheet3.gif


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This skill could also be used in Microsoft Office Excel and OpenOffice.

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